Welcome to The Babbit's Grimoire

Grab the popcorn, we're launching a website!

That's right folks, after a long time of procrastination and delays (mostly procrastination), I'm launching my site: The Babbit's Grimoire!

Who am I?

I'm @gbabbits - you're friendly neighborhood Spiderman magician. I dabble in card magic and photography and love just hanging out.

There's more to me than that I think, but hey, when we hang out we can dive into that more ;)

What is this site?

The Babbit's Grimoire, a blog and library for all-things-me. Well, okay, they're all things magic. And, I didn't write any of the books or design the decks -- but they're in my library. So, what is this site really?

I have a lot of books on magic. I also own a lot of decks. My collection of tricks, kits, and videos is also growing substantially. This site is an inventory of all that I own and the general info about each item. A spell book, if you will.

But wait, there's more!

Remember I mentioned photography? Heck yeah! When suitable (e.g. books and decks), I'll be posting candid snapshots of each. Rare decks that nobody would dare open? Yup - I open them. Cliché Autumn pictures where a steaming cup of pumpkin flavored coffee is sitting on top of an open book with pinecones around it? You betcha!

But wait, there's even more!

If looking at pictures of books leaves you wanting even more, this site's also a blog! I'll be writing periodicals, articles, essays, book reviews and deck reviews and everything in between. My musings on magic topics, ideas for new sleights and routines. Opinions about the latest Penn & Teller: Fool Us episode - I'm covering all of the bases!

Why is this site?

I'll do you one better: Why is Gamora?
Drax - Infinity War

Ah, now we've reached the deep question! Why exactly am I launching The Babbit's Grimoire?

Straight to the point: to help others. No, nobody asked me for this. In fact, at the time of me writing this, nobody even knows I'm working on it. However, for years I've been learning "on my own" and sometimes it has been a struggle.

There were definitely lulls in my journey where I've wanted to just toss my deck and pick up a different hobby -- but I stuck with it. And then I started thinking, what could have made the journey better for me?

Someone being there for me. References to help guide me. Resources that aligned with my interests.

And so I'm going to try to make that. This site is my attempt at helping others -- whether they're just starting out or have been on this royal road forever, I want my grimoire to be a place that they (or you!) can call home too.

For more info about myself and the site, checkout the About page. I'll keep it up to date whenever applicable, but it should reflect the current state of everything =]

Today and the future

I'm not a professional magician, I actually have a very unrelated day-job. That said, I also have a lot of content to add to this site before it could be called "ready." I have what, 4 books added in and only 1 deck? If you follow me on Instagram (social plug, follow me on Instagram!!), you'd know that I have hundreds of unique decks and also triple-digits of books. It'll take a while before there's a lot entered in, but definitely stick around to see what pops up!

I don't have any pre-written blog posts "in the queue," I'll be writing everything in time. I have enough ideas and topics written down to last a year or two though, and that doesn't include all of the reviews so don't fear that the pages will remain barren. Let's just hang out and let the magic flow ;)

So now that you're here, why don't you check out:

Also, if you have any requests for content like topics you're interested in hearing about, reviews for a specific book or deck or whatever, feel free to reach out and I'll bump it up my queue!

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