When you've read a book, opened a deck of cards, watched a video, or even just played around with a trick - you form an opinion of it. These opinions are yours, but others seek them out to help them determine if they'll like, dislike, use, display, or simply ignore it too. These are, in essence, reviews.

Here are my reviews - each, my opinion.

If you found any of these helpful (or unhelpful), if you agree or even disagree with them, I'd love to chat more about it. Definitely reach out :)

Since I want these to be as informative as possible, some reviews take longer to write than others. My goal is to have a review for everything in my library (which keeps growing) so yay! If you're interested in seeing a review about a specific item in my library and it hasn't been written yet, or if you have written a book, created a deck, or put out a video or trick that you'd like reviewed, let me know and I'll see what I can do!