Spring Break!

Today's post is going to be a short one, and a heads up that this whole week will be light on content as I'm taking off for Spring Break.

And when I say I'm taking off, I mean from work, blogging, and even social media. I'm going to use the week to recharge and reconnect with the world outside of the internet!

Along for the ride is Dani DaOrtiz's latest release, the English version of Freedom of Expression. I finally received my copy just the other day and started flipping through, I'm already in love! Stay tuned for the next Monday Mail Call where I talk about it a little more and will have a general review too.

Oh, I'll also be working on memorization techniques from The Memory Arts too. It's a skill that needs finesse and constant work to get it in working order, but I really do think it will pay off.

Well, that's all for today folks. Hopefully the humidity in the areas I'm traveling to won't kill my decks (like the last two times...). But hey, if it does, I think I have a few extras =P

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