Unboxing Art of Play's 2023 Mystery Decks

Another year, another batch of sweet, sweet Mystery Decks from Art of Play!

If you want to unbox with me, watch the whole thing here before scrolling down to see the goodies:

I put a lot of work into this year's video, hopefully it comes through well!

About the Mystery Decks

This year, there were over 70 possible decks to receive (at random) when you purchased a Mystery Deck. For the full list, check out my post here: Art of Play's 2023 Mystery Deck List.

I placed an order for 36 decks. Yes, it's a lot. Like, a lot a lot. It's 3 bricks worth of decks, and Art of Play didn't offer free shipping this year, so ouch. However, I did have a 30%-off discount code... let's math:

Every Mystery Deck costs $12. With 30% off, each deck cost $8.40 for this order. Shipping, however, was just over $17 in total, which comes out to $0.48 per deck. That means, after all was said and done, I paid $8.88 for every Mystery Deck -- talk about a sale! In the "unboxing video" (above), I indicated how much I saved by buying each deck as a Mystery Decks (instead of buying them directly) -- if you watch, you'll see that I'm basing the savings off of the $12 price point, not the further-discounted one.

Unboxing the Decks

If you haven't already, I encourage you to watch my unboxing video on YouTube. I not only unbox each deck, but I also open a few of them and give the cards a peek!

Every deck came wrapped in a really nice "gift wrap" type of paper wrapper. The outside was adorned with Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades while the inside was more of a retro swirly thing.

This year, there weren't stickers included with each deck! I did receive a single sticker, similar to last year's Mystery Decks, but that was it. I have to say, I was kind of glad to not receive a bunch of them.

After unwrapping each deck, here's the full list I received:

  • 2x Gaslamp - Black Box Edition
  • 3x James Coffee, Green Edition
  • 1x Matt McCormick Fontaines
  • 3x Fulton Street, Black Edition
  • 2x Curious Wonders
  • 2x Henry & Sally
  • 2x Peau Doux, Silver Edition
  • 2x Overlook, Maze Back
  • 1x Grimmlore Tartan, Black Edition
  • 2x Flying Dog, Edition 2
  • 2x DKNG: Blue Wheels
  • 2x Cybernetic
  • 1x Damn Good Cards, No. 8
  • 2x Dreyfus
  • 1x Standards, Sapphire Edition
  • 1x Fontaine Fever Dream
  • 3x Braniff
  • 2x Eames "Starburst" Red Edition
  • 1x Heath Back
  • 1x Yosegi

The decks that are bold above are the Mystery Deck exclusives. Out of everything, I received 20 unique decks. Of the 36, I already owned 16, so that's also 20 brand new decks added to my collection (10 if you omit dupes)!

I would have, personally, liked to have not received any of the non-Art of Play decks. Instead, let me have those extra chances to pull other Art of Play decks that I don't already have! That, and I'm not a fan of Fontaines...

Overall though, I'm quite happy with the decks I received. A big shout-out to Art of Play for putting on yet another awesome Mystery Deck event and sending so many my way. I'm already looking forward to next year's batch =]

While writing this, the decks are still up for sale so take a chance and grab your own Mystery Deck from Art of Play too!

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