Moving Offices and Towers of Books

Not a huge update today, only that I'm moving the room in my house in which my office resides and am currently in a temporary location. This may not come as big news to most, but if you're a magician, you may like -- or loathe -- my temporary book situation:

Stacks of books all about magic.

That's... yeah.

Speaking of books, One Ahead's latest post talks about a book test that will work with any book. I was pretty skeptical, but reading the "how it's done," well, they're right -- it can work with any book! Even a borrowed book at someone else's house -- so that's pretty cool.

They've named the trick Steno. I say "they", but it might just be Rory Adams who created and named it, I'm not entirely sure. He didn't credit anyone else in the post so I'm assuming it's his, or it's just one of those things that can't be credited.

Anyways, yeah. Steno. I wouldn't use it for the stacks of magic books you saw above, but it really can work with any book, and although it does require a little investment (of time), it might pay off pretty well. To those who know how it's done already, anyone else's mind immediately say "This sounds like the perfect job for Fiverr!"?

If book tests are your thing, check out This Book Test Works With ANY Book: Learn it now! by One Ahead.

If you're not a member of One Ahead, go to and click "Subscribe"!

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the main picture for this blog post is not my past, current / temporary, or new office space. Though, it would offer ample room for my books...

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