Card College - Volume 2

Card College - Volume 2

The second volume in a landmark course in card magic, Card College Volume 2 picks up where Volume One left off and will take the student through the world of card magic with invaluable sleights and routines.

This volume builds on what you've already learned in the first and covers sleights such as the palm, the pass, the glimpse, false counts and more. It also covers more information on psychology, misdirection, and presentation which will leave you well-rounded in exposure!

The contents of Card College Volume 2 are still at the beginner level of difficulty, but proper study and practice of just these alone will set the stage for any reader perform at a professional level.

Just a glimpse at the contents below, a word-for-word copy of the Table of Contents from the book itself, can easily show how much content is jam-packed into this volume. But don't let that phrasing turn you away -- it may have a lot, but the level of detail given and the ease at which Mr. Giobbi explains each sleight and routine can build the proper card magic foundation for every reader.

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Contents of Card College Volume 2

Chapter 17: Overhand Shuffle Techniques, Part 2

  • Bringing the Bottom Card to the Top
  • Controlling the Top and Bottom Stocks
  • The Lift Shuffle
  • Top Stock Control with the Lift Shuffle
  • Key-card Placement with the Lift Shuffle
  • Controlling the Entire Deck: the G. W. Hunter Shuffle
  • Controlling the Entire Deck: the Optical Shuffle
More Tricks with the Overhand Shuffle
  • Subconscious Poker
  • Aces Off the Cuff

Chapter 18: Palming

  • Theoretical Considerations
  • The Palm Grip
  • The Top Palm
  • Palming Multiple Cards from the Top
  • Concealing Palmed Cards in the Hand
  • Replacing Palmed Cards
Tricks with Palming
  • Homing Card Plus
  • The Cards of Capistrano

Chapter 19: The Pass

  • The Classic Pass
  • Covers for the Pass
  • The Riffle Pass
  • Other Covers
Tricks with the Pass
  • Finnegins Rewake
  • Card Through Handkerchief

Chapter 20: False Display Counts

  • The Elmsley Count
  • The Jordan Count
  • The Hamman Count
  • The Buckle Count
  • The Push-off Count
  • The Hamman Two-for-Four Count
Tricks with False Display Counts
  • The Really Wild Nine-card Trick
  • The Royal Acrobats

Chapter 21: The Double Lift, Part 2

  • Another Double Turnover
More Tricks with the Double Lift
  • Vanished without a Trace!
  • The Ambitious Card

Chapter 22: The Crimp

  • Crimping with the Index Finger
  • Crimping with the Heel of the Thumb
  • Crimping with an Overhand Shuffle
  • Cutting to a Crimped Card
  • Applications
A Trick Using the Crimp
  • Transposition Extraordinary

Chapter 23: The Glimpse

  • Top-card Riffle Glimpse
  • Top-card Double Lift Glimpse
  • Top-card Riffle Shuffle Glimpse
  • Bottom Card All-around Square-up Glimpse
  • Situational Bottom Card Glimpses
  • Center-card Glimpse
Tricks with the Glimpse
  • Card Catcher
  • Impossible!

Chapter 24: The Reverse

  • The Braue Reverse
  • Double Lift Reverse
  • Double Turnover Reverse
  • The Leg Reverse
  • Deck Turnover Reverse
Tricks with the Reverse
  • The Whistle
  • Reversible Mix-up

Chapter 25: False Cut Techniques, Part 2

  • A True, Single, Tabled Cut
  • Single, Tabled, False Cut I
  • Single, Tabled, False Cut II
  • A True Running Cut
  • Up the Ladder
  • Dai Vernon's Cold-deck Cut
  • Affas-gaffas False Cut
  • Gambler's False Triple Cut

Chapter 26: Flourishes, Part 2

  • Turning Over the Top Card IV
  • Turning Over the Top Card V
  • Turning Over the Top Card VI
  • Springing the Cards
  • The Cascade
  • The Swivelleroo Cut
  • The Flip-flap Cut
  • One-handed Riffle Shuffle

Chapter 27: Theory

  • Some Thoughts on Theoretical Subjects
  • The Role of Presentation
  • The Role of the Performer
  • Style
  • Theme
  • The Script
  • The Audience
  • Humor, Comedy and the Joke
  • Diverse Presentational Strategies
  • Presentation and Construction
  • Concluding Remarks
  • Recommended Reading
  • The Construction of a Trick
  • The Construction of a Routine
  • The Construction of the Program
  • In Conclusion
  • Recommended Reading
Directing Attention
  • The Means of Perception
  • The Physical Direction of Attention
  • Mental Direction of Attention
  • Reading Your Spectators
  • Summary
  • Recommended Reading
Technique, Handling and Management
  • Technique
  • The Handling
  • Management
  • Concluding Remarks
  • Recommended Reading
  • Timing and Duration
  • Timing and Rhythm
  • Timing and the Moment
  • Timing and Coördination
  • Timing and Simultaneity
  • Summary
  • Recommended Reading
Outs for Disasters and Disturbances
  • Disasters
  • Disturbances from the Audience
  • Conclusions
  • Recommended Reading
The Study of Card Conjuring
  • Choosing, Sifting and Collecting Material
  • Studying a Card Trick
  • General Remarks
  • Accessories
  • Training Techniques
  • Concluding Remarks
  • Recommended Reading

Bibliographic Notes


This book is written by Roberto Giobbi, featuring the work of various others. It includes illustrations by Barbara Giobbi-Ebnöther. Mine is a hardcover copy published in 1996 by Hermetic Press, Inc., also printed in 1996 (1st english language edition) with a total of 243 pages. A version of this book was published in German as Grosse Kartenshule, Band 2 by Magic Communication Roberto Giobbi in 1992.

ISBN: 978-0-945296-15-7