Drawing Room Deceptions

Drawing Room Deceptions
Those are not suspenders, they're braces.
Mike Caveney

Mr. Hollingworth published Drawing Room Deceptions in 1999 and did not disappoint. The lead-up to this book's release was nothing short of amazing, but well deserved and needed (by the magic community).

Unsatisfied with the idea of mimicry, or simply mimicking the tricks of other magicians, he created his own repertoire that was in essence, totally original. Themes such as Oil and Water, Ace Assembly, and even A Card At Any Number can be found within this book, but they are his own take on the classics with handlings that can only be considered advanced.

In 1999, the magic world was desperate for the release of this book and they showed their desire in leaps and bounds, almost immediately prompting a second printing. In 2018, the ninth edition of Drawing Room Deceptions came off the press and is continuing to make this book a key reference in any card magician's library.

Where to buy?

Unfortunately, the last time I checked Drawing Room Deceptions was out of stock. You can still check out the product page at Vanishing Inc. to make sure though. And, there's always eBay!

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Contents of Drawing Room Deceptions



with regard to difficulties facing the author and the validity of prologues.


concerning cards that turn over, move position, separate in colour and generally perform amusing feats; including:
  • Waving the Aces
  • A second version thereof
  • Oil and Water
  • Cherchez la Femme
  • The Hofsinzer Problem
  • Other Thoughts


pertaining to the difficulty of magic and the merits of bespoke tailoring; including:
  • The Penetration of Cards through a Jacket
  • Travellers
  • An Ambidextrous Interchange
  • A "One Card" Routine
  • Other thoughts


regarding items of stationery and the significance of good fortune; including:
  • The control of chosen cards
  • An Ace Assembly
  • The Homing Card
  • Cannibal Cards
  • Other thoughts

*** INTERVAL ***

including a variety of eccentricities; such as:
  • The shift
  • Methods of controlling & palming
  • Switching cards
  • False dealing
  • False shuffling


incorporating a number of dishonest practices; including:
  • A Gambling Routine
  • A More Light-Hearted Routine
  • "Call to the Colours"


in which an inspector calls, and we discuss his deceit; including:
  • A Destroyed and Reproduced Card
  • A Card at Any Number
  • A Card Stab


containing an assortment of items, involving boxes, unusual shuffling and the fall of Troy; including:
  • Three Cards under a Box
  • A Triumph Routine
  • The Cassandra Quandary


during which a method for tearing and restoring a card is discussed
This book is written by and featuring the work of Guy Hollingworth. It includes illustrations by Guy Hollingworth too. Mine is a hardcover copy published in 1999, printed in 2018 (ninth edition) with a total of 311 pages.

ISBN: 0-915181-32-0