Genii, The Conjurors' Magazine is the largest and longest running magic magazine in the world. I would, typically, say "everyone knows about Genii" (even their website says Everyone reads Genii), but there was a time when I was practicing magic and had never heard of it too.

Launched by Bill Larsen in September, 1936, Genii's purpose was to fill the void that the deteriorating Sphinx magazine was creating. Though there was doubt that it would succeed, subscriptions continued to climb into the 1940s!

Over the decades, there were ups-and-downs in not only the interest in Genii but in magic itself. The world itself went through many changes and with the introduction of television, and then the Internet, physical magazines were affected in ways that couldn't have been predicted. However, Genii continued to prosper!

That any magazine survives, and more importantly, prospers for more than a half century, especially in such a closely-knit fraternity as the art of magic, is testimony to one thing: dedication.
David Charvet

In October 1998, Genii, The Conjurors' Magazine was sold from the Larsen family to a new company that was headed by the one and only Richard Kaufman. A fun fact from Genii is that since the first issue in January 1999 until now (January 2022), every issue has been on time every single month!

Genii, The Conjuror's Magazine also has a mobile app where all past issues are accessible if you've purchased a subscription. If you receive the physical magazine, you'll actually notice that some content is made for digital consumption as it has buttons and links to view more information or even watch videos.

Up until this January, i.e. as of the time of this writing, Richard Kaufman was the author of the introduction of each issue in Genii Speaks. He's taking the next year off to work on his next book, Greater Magic. Dustin Stinett will be picking up the mantel in the interim.

Where to buy?

Genii offers several subscription tiers such as annual, 2-years, 3-years + digital, and more! I, personally, grabbed the 3-years + digital so I could get a copy of Magicana for super cheap but any of the subscription levels are great. Check out their site for more details and for pricing info.

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GENII, THE CONJURORS' MAGAZINE was founded in 1936 by William Larsen, Sr. It has been published and edited since 1999 by famed author Richard Kaufman and is the largest-selling and most highly acclaimed magic magazine in the world.