If an Octopus Could Palm v2

If an Octopus Could Palm v2

If an Octopus Could Palm v2, a 2nd edition commemorative deck of playing cards celebrating the self-published book If an Octopus Could Palm -- both by Dan & Dave.

This deck was released during the 2020 holiday season by Art of Play, not for individual sale but as one of the potential decks in their "mystery deck" sale. The deck was again available in 2021 when Dan & Dave released a 2nd edition of their IAOCP book but also not for individual sale, instead rewarded to the lucky individuals who were able to purchase the limited edition signed copy of the book.

The face of the tuck has a custom illustration by Jonathan Burton, faithful to the book's cover. Or, perhaps the book's cover is faithful to the deck's design this time around. The back of the tuck has a cutout window that gives a glimpse of the back design of the cards.

The deck consists of 56 cards:

  • 52 playing cards
  • 1 double backer
  • 1 blank faced card
  • Two non-identical jokers

Where to buy?

Last I checked, you should be able to pick up If an Octopus Could Palm v2 at Art of Play. The last price tag I saw for this deck was set at $84.00.

Buy at Art of Play

This deck is created by Dan & Dave and designed by Jonathan Burton. It's beautifully printed by USPCC on D&D thin crush stock with an air-cushion finish. The deck features a double-backer, a blank face card, and two non-identical jokers. The tuck case has a matte design and is seal free!