David Blaine Teaches Magic

David Blaine pairs up with Asi Wind and Steve Cuiffo to share the methods behind Blaine's magic. It's a one-month online class that dives in to 30 of Blaine's favorite card tricks and physical feats.

The tricks that they teach are suitable for all skill levels and are straightforward enough to be used almost immediately after learning them to blow the minds of your friends, family, and other audiences.

Now, enough of the copy+paste from the project's sales page and let's talk a little about the course itself.

It's broken down, lesson-by-lesson, and the three magicians are sitting at a table walking you through the topic in a very open and collaborative way. The lessons are pre-recorded, so you're not actually working with David Blaine, but it's cool to see how he thinks about and approaches the routines.

If you look at the course contents below, you'll notice that the topics themselves are rather basic. Yes, things like Key Cards and Slop Shuffle are beginner-magic, there's no denying it. If you don't have any experience in magic, you'll likely need a little practice before being able to be comfortable performing any of these, but they're easy enough that only a little practice is necessary. If, however, you already have magic experience you'll highly benefit from the extra conversations that the three magicians take part in.

After covering the general handling for whatever the lesson topic is, the three magicians jam on the concept and fire off different possible handlings, additional ideas, and a great deal of magic theory. It's in this extra chit-chat that the course becomes suitable for folks who have experience in magic already.

After each lesson, there's a project. Your project is, well, you have to perform what you just learned. You can record a video or type a story and then submit it. Unfortunately, Blaine isn't reviewing or commenting on any of the projects -- but your peer group is! Oh, did I forget to mention the peer group? Yeah, when you join the course, you're put into a peer group of 20 people and you're all working together on everything. My group has been very active, and it's given me an opportunity to help others, so I'm very happy with it (^_^)

This is David Blaine's first ever time teaching magic, let alone revealing his secrets. The content of the course itself, I personally wouldn't say it's worth the high price. However, getting to sit at a table with Blaine, Wind, and Cuiffo and getting to see them jam is pretty nice. And the interactivity within the course and the peer group gives it a little extra umph. Overall, it's more than a general "streaming" purchase, so I have zero regrets and would recommend it -- especially if you're not very experienced in magic yet.

Where to buy?

Last I checked, you should be able to pick up David Blaine Teaches Magic at Studio. The last price tag I saw for this video was set at $228.00.

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Contents of David Blaine Teaches Magic

Onboarding and Introduction

  • Welcome Video
  • Asi Wind's Intro to Card Handling

Part 1 - The Principles of Magic & Performance

  • Introduction to Magic: Key Card
  • BONUS: Advanced Key Card
  • Improvisational Magic & Bets
  • Slop Shuffle
  • Card Controls
  • Forces
  • Multiple Outs
  • Magician's Choice

Part 2 - David's Signature Tricks & Physical Feats

  • Out of This World & Variations
  • Double Lift & Chicago Opener
  • Two Card Monte
  • Flourishes
  • Arm Twist & How to Make People Care
  • Breaking Handcuffs
  • BONUS: Breath Holding
  • How to Keep Learning

Part 3 - Secrets Unlocked: Creating a Dream Effect

  • Brainstorming the Trick
  • Inventing a New Trick: The Deck Stab
This is a video featuring magic presented by Asi Wind, David Blaine, and Steve Cuiffo and was produced by Studio. Available to stream, it has a running time of 30 days.