Savant is a collection of some of the most visual card magic in Dennis Kim's and Xavior Spade's repertoire.

The changes that you're about to see are extremely difficult, but I find them to be smooth and deceptive.
Dennis Kim

At it's heart, it's a color change. Or, several color changes. More than that though, it can be utilized for transpositions and even full packet switches.

Dennis and Xavior teach different aspects of the move and how to tie everything together fluidly in this streaming video.

Contents of Savant

  • Demo & Introduction
  • History
  • Savant Change - Part 1
  • Sequence 2 - Bottom Palm
  • Sequence 2 - Full Action
  • Savant Change - Part 3 - Undertow
  • Sequence 3 - In Action
  • Angles
  • Miming & Choreography
  • 444 Switch
  • Off-Balance Transpo
  • Thanks

Image Source: The thumbnail image for this is from Lost Art Magic.

This is a video featuring magic presented by Dennis Kim and Xavior Spade and was produced by Lost Art Magic. Available to stream, it has a running time of 29:49.