Took a vacation, now I'm exhausted

Do you ever need a break after getting back from vacation? After having kids, I feel like that after every trip I take. We took a short-ish weekend getaway for the long Memorial Day weekend and I'm beat.

I took three decks with me on the trip and didn't bring a single one of them out either. I both didn't have time, nor energy, to even bother caring. They're sitting on my desk in front of me right now along with about 20 other decks and none of them are open. I foresee a lull coming on, but I do have a lot of ideas for routines so hopefully practicing one or two of them will snap me out of it.

Speaking of practice, I still haven't solidified a daily practice regimen to keep up with my full repertoire. I have, however, made some improvements to this site's backend that will serve as the infrastructure for the tooling I have in mind. It's almost all of the way complete, not including data entry, so I'm excited to finally try it out. When it's finished, I'll write a whole big thing about it because I think it will be really cool. As a sneak peek though, it's a way for me to catalog sleights and routines and link them to books and videos.

he idea is, when I have these things entered in I'll be able to have the system prompt me daily for one or two routines to practice, and it will go through the list randomly. If I know how to perform it, great. If not, it will show me the info. And as a bonus, it will be a way to link content together so I know the proper references to get more info. You can think of the database kind of like Conjuring Archive, except more tailored to how I want to consume the data. It's a lot of work to get it setup, but I think it'll be worth it.

Keeping today's post short, maybe I'll take a nap and use all of these decks as my pillow =P

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