Heading to Magifest!

Today, I'm heading to Magifest! It'll be the first magic convention I've ever attended, and I couldn't be more excited.

I'm getting into Columbus, Ohio early enough to be able to check-in to my hotel -- which is not the hotel that the event is at -- and grab some lunch. When I bought my ticket to Magifest, Thursday only had a single event on it from 5:30pm - 6:30pm (besides the Dealer's Room opening). Now, there's a whole list of things and it goes all the way until 11pm! Friday and Saturday are jam-packed too and go really late. Here's the full list of magicians doing shows and lectures and whatnot:

  • Charles Greene
  • Michel Huot
  • Mark James
  • Peter Turner
  • Kyle Purnell
  • Mortenn Christiansen
  • Margalit Fox
  • Mark Calabrese
  • Matt Pritchard
  • Lance Burton
  • David Gerard
  • Chris Ramsay (and friends)
  • Mark James
  • Paul Gertner
  • Shoot Ogawa
  • Lucy Darling
  • Erik Tait
  • Ruben Vilagrand
  • JunWoo Park

There isn't a show that I want to see more than the others, I think they'll all be good to check out. I do, however, lean towards the Bar Magic with Mark Calabrese sessions at the end of the night. They might fit into my scene a bit more than some of the others. But, we'll see.

I have to return home on Sunday, so I'll be missing the workshops by Shoot and Mark. I'm sure they will be amazing, but maybe next time for me.

Is it sad that the biggest debate I've been having is what decks to bring? And, how many? I think I'll bring 3. It should be more than enough, and besides, if anything happens I'm sure I can find a deck of cards there =P. I'll also be wearing TIES, though I haven't practiced with them enough to actually do anything -- but you never know.

I'll likely skip next Monday's post because of my late return. I'll publish a whole review of the convention when I'm back though!

All of this is conditional that my flight isn't cancelled due to snow though...

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