TIES - The Invisible Elastic System

TIES - The Invisible Elastic System

TIES, an inexpensive and pre-tied elastic thread system that comes with 2 hours of instructional video!

The above sentence pretty much summarizes everything, but let me go into a little more detail.

TIES was originally introduced over 20 years ago by Penguin Magic. I'm not really sure what they released because in the original version, you had to tie them yourself, and I know for a fact that a 2 hour video download wouldn't have been a thing. Maybe a VHS or if they were cutting-edge, DVD, but I doubt it. Today's version, however, provide you with ready-to-go packs of pre-tied elastic thread that come wrapped around a little bow-tie holder, which is really neat.

I don't know what classifies thread as being "invisible", maybe the thinness of it. However, these are black threads and super thin. While I can see them on my wrist, I have to actually be looking for them. When stretched between my hands, even I have trouble seeing them if the light isn't just right -- and that's pretty awesome.

They come in a 10-pack or 40-pack; if you're not one to tie your own and you utilize these often, I'd probably say go for the 40 pack because they do break. I broke my first one on the first day -- but in fairness, the video tells you to. How else can you find the limits of the thread if you don't test it?

Speaking of the video, whoa! It alone was worth the purchase. The first half of it is with Nick Locapo and teaches you all there is to know about the thread. After that, we hang out with several other magicians -- one at a time -- and they give overviews of dozens of effects that can be done with the thread. And here I thought the only thing I would be able to do was make a dollar bill float in the air!

I, personally, have no experience with this kind of thing so I'm learning as a complete beginner and I have to say, the quality of the ties is pretty good and the instructions that come with it is even better. I recommend grabbing a set if you don't have one already!

Where to buy?

Last I checked, you should be able to pick up TIES - The Invisible Elastic System at Penguin Magic. The last price tag I saw for this trick was set at $7.95.

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This is a thread magic trick produced by Penguin Magic. The trick's instructions are available as a download that's automatically added to your account.