Decked Out June, 2023

What exactly is Decked Out June? It's a list of playing card post prompts for the community to use, but nobody asked for!

Back in 2019, a friend on Instagram kicked off a several-month long "decked out" event. It started as one month, then the next, then it transformed into a "Decked Out 365". Post prompts for every day! Unfortunately, it didn't actually survive the full year, but it was pretty great while it lasted. Ever since then, I've been resurrecting it from time to time and it's been a really fun participation event for the community.

The concept is straightforward. I have provided a playing card theme for every day of the month. If you're stuck trying to think of something to post, or you just want to mix things up a bit, you now have a list you can reference to help get those creative juices flowing.

It's not a "challenge" and there are no prizes at the end of the journey. However, you do meet a decent number of new folks in the process so I guess you can call "building your community" as a prize =]

How to Participate

  1. Instagram
    This event is on Instagram, so make sure you post your content there.

  2. Follow the Theme of the Day
    Your post should be either a photo or a video matching the theme for the day. For example, if the theme is "Aces" you could post a photo that's showing off a really nice Ace of Spades, or all four Aces, or Aces from a deck series, etc. Or, maybe you'd prefer to make a video with an Ace Production, or Ace color changes. The sky's the limit!

  3. Use the tag #DeckedOutJune
    If you're participating in the event, don't forget the tag! This let's others easily find your content by searching for the tag, and if they're like me they're likely following it too.

  4. Tag me, @gbabbits
    This is totally optional, but if you tag me then I'll reshare your post to my story to help get extra eyes on it.

That's pretty much it! If you really want, follow the #DeckedOutJune tag on Instagram too so you can keep up with the content.

I also suggest that you re-share some of your favorites as they come out. The community will love you for it <3

Post Prompts

Here are the daily post prompts for June, 2023:

  1. Dinosaur Deck
    Did you know that June 1st, 2023 is "International Dinosaur Day"?! Yeah, me neither! How about we show off our dinosaur themed decks, or a deck that is (or looks) really old -- get it, it's a dinosaur =P

  2. FFF
    Nothing like a good #FanningFamFriday to set the mood! Or, if fans aren't your thing, make it a #FlourishFriday instead!

  3. Bicycle Deck
    Bicycle decks were a lot of people's first decks... or, at least mine! I'll always have a soft spot for them, so let's show the world how great they can be.

  4. Food Themed
    I don't know about you, but I have an abundance of food themed decks. No idea why... I plan to show mine off today, but you could also just post a pic of any deck next to a sandwich or delicious ice cream!

  5. EDC
    Let's see those "Every Day Carry" decks. This, for some of us, might overlap with the Bicycle Deck from June 3rd, or maybe it won't. If you're a magician, it might include other items too!

  6. Account Shout-out
    I like to set aside a day each month, at least one, where we give a shout-out to someone else. It can be a single account, 2 accounts, 3, 10, you name it. Personally, for these days, I've always shared a single account (since I'm giving shout-outs daily during the whole month) -- but it's 100% up to you.

  7. Yellow
    I was just looking out my window and noticed that I have only a single flower growing in my garden, and it's yellow. Looking at my decks, I don't have too many yellow colored ones... I'd like to see the community come together and shine some of that golden light across the screen and share those yellow decks!

  8. Animal Themed
    Do you have any decks that have an animal theme? If so, let's see them! If not, do you have a pet that would like to be a star on your grid? Have it pick a card and let's do this!

  9. FFF
    Nothing like a good #FanningFamFriday to set the mood! Or, if fans aren't your thing, make it a #FlourishFriday instead!

  10. Deck Series / Family
    I've always liked seeing decks that are from the same series (v1, v2, ...), or from the same "family" (deck creator / company, like NOCs or OPC or FFP or Theory11). The less well-known, the better! Let's share some of those goodies with the community =]

  11. Awesome Tuck
    Do you have a deck that has just an awesome design to it? Maybe it's not fancy, but it sure isn't plain! Share it and let's take a look!

  12. Monday Mail Call
    If you're like me, you accidentally let boxes pile up for a month or two before opening them -- so many that you've forgotten what's inside! Let's use this day to open some of them up for all to see!

  13. Outside
    The weather's pretty nice out, let's see those decks in nature! And if you don't want to risk the sunburn, how about a nature themed deck instead?

  14. Green
    Oh boy, we're getting closer and closer to summer! Let's see those green decks and make @gavinwongmagic drool =P

  15. Cardistry Deck
    I haven't ordered any new cardistry-specific decks in a while... show me some so I can see what I've been missing!

  16. FFF
    Nothing like a good #FanningFamFriday to set the mood! Or, if fans aren't your thing, make it a #FlourishFriday instead!

  17. Most Used Deck
    Do you have a deck that you refuse to get rid of no matter how beat up it gets? I have thousands of decks and yet still can't seem to put down the same one I've been using for 2 months now...

  18. Father's Day
    This one's up to the eye of the poster. Perhaps a dedication to your father, or your kids, or a deck that gives off dad-vibes. I'm currently stuck on the idea myself, but I'm sure I'll come up with something by then =]

  19. Gilded / Foiled
    Ooooh, shiny! If you have a gilded deck, a deck with metallic ink, a foiled tuck, anything -- let the sun shine through!

  20. Drink Related
    I don't know about you, but I have an abundance of drink themed decks. No idea why... I plan to show mine off today, but you could also just post a pic of any deck next to a cup of coffee, soda, or whatever's on tap!

  21. First Day of Summer
    There are so many good summer-vibe decks out there, let's see them! Whether they're directly themed to something summer related, a color that reminds you of summer, or you setup the photo or video to scream "beach season" in everyone's face, let's break out the sunscreen!

  22. Aces
    Let's see some nice looking aces! Perhaps just the Ace of Spades, or maybe all 4. Maybe an Ace Production, or a sweet photo. Your choice!

  23. FFF
    Nothing like a good #FanningFamFriday to set the mood! Or, if fans aren't your thing, make it a #FlourishFriday instead!

  24. Fancy Tuck
    When I say fancy, I mean I want to see fancy! Let's see those tucks where you know that the artist not only spent a good amount of time designing it, but it must've cost a pretty penny to produce too.

  25. Beautiful Back Design
    There are some back designs, and then there are some back designs! Let's see the beautiful ones so we can take a minute to remember that sometimes, cards are meant to be admired.

  26. Custom Pips
    A lot of work often goes into custom decks, but what sets some apart from others is when the artist pays attention to the pips on the normal spot cards. Let's give those decks a proper shout-out!

  27. Custom Courts
    I want to see those Jacks, Queens, and Kings -- but with custom artwork! They can be fancy, they can be goofy, they can be abstract or just plain weird. As long as they're not standard.

  28. Jokers
    I don't see enough emphasis on the custom jokers from decks when, most of the time, these are some of the neatest cards included. Let's show them off y'all!

  29. Favorite Deck of June
    Holy smokes, June's just about over. What's been your favorite deck of the month?

  30. FFF
    Nothing like a good #FanningFamFriday to set the mood! Or, if fans aren't your thing, make it a #FlourishFriday instead!

If you have any questions about what the prompts mean, and there's always at least a few questions, please reach out and I'll be happy to provide more info!

Happy June <3

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