Decked Out August, 2023

What exactly is Decked Out August? It's a list of playing card post prompts for the community to use, but nobody asked for!

Back in 2019, a friend on Instagram kicked off a several-month long "decked out" event. It started as one month, then the next, then it transformed into a "Decked Out 365". Post prompts for every day! Unfortunately, it didn't actually survive the full year, but it was pretty great while it lasted. Ever since then, I've been resurrecting it from time to time and it's been a really fun participation event for the community.

The concept is straightforward. I have provided a playing card theme for every day of the month. If you're stuck trying to think of something to post, or you just want to mix things up a bit, you now have a list you can reference to help get those creative juices flowing.

It's not a "challenge" and there are no official prizes at the end of the journey. However, you do meet a decent number of new folks in the process so I guess you can call "building your community" as a prize =]

How to Participate

  1. Instagram
    This event is on Instagram, so make sure you post your content there.

  2. Follow the Theme of the Day
    Your post should be either a photo or a video matching the theme for the day. For example, if the theme is "Aces" you could post a photo that's showing off a really nice Ace of Spades, or all four Aces, or Aces from a deck series, etc. Or, maybe you'd prefer to make a video with an Ace Production, or Ace color changes. The sky's the limit!

  3. Use the tag #DeckedOutAugust
    If you're participating in the event, don't forget the tag! This let's others easily find your content by searching for the tag, and if they're like me they're likely following it too.

    Due to Instagram's whacky idea that people would rather see "top posts by tag" instead of "recent posts by tag", after the first few days it is nearly impossible to track recent posts in the Instagram Search page, but if you're following the tag then your home feed should be filled up!

  4. Tag me, @gbabbits
    This is totally optional, but if you tag me then I'll re-share your post to my story to help get extra eyes on it.

That's pretty much it! If you really want, follow the #DeckedOutAugust tag on Instagram too so you can keep up with the content.

I also suggest that you re-share some of your favorites as they come out. The community will love you for it <3

Post Prompts

What I love about having short prompt titles is that they can be interpreted in many different ways, entirely depending on the individual.

The code is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules.
Barbossa, Pirates of the Caribbean

Here are the daily post prompts for August, 2023:

  1. Classic
    Showcase your favorite classic deck of playing cards, classic cardistry move, or classic card trick!

  2. Borderless
    Let's see a deck where the design knows no bounds and goes straight the the edge!

  3. Flourish
    Display a deck that flourishes in the light, or display some impressive flourishing card handling skills (it could be cardistry, or fancy deck handling during a card trick).

  4. #FanningFamFriday
    Nothing like a good #FanningFamFriday to set the mood! Or, if fans aren't your thing, make it a #FlourishFriday instead!

  5. Monochrome
    Embrace the beauty of simplicity by featuring a deck that's primarily one color. Bonus points if it's not a NOC deck! (though, mine will likely be a NOC deck =P)

  6. Cardistry
    Show off your cardistry skills with some sweet moves; or, simply show off a deck that was made for cardistry!

  7. Minimalism
    Highlight the beauty of simplicity and minimalistic designs in card decks. During #DeckedOut months, we often see decks full of deep and intricate designs; let's mix it up and show off how nice a lighter design can look.

  8. Account Shout-out
    I like to set aside a day each month, at least one, where we give a shout-out to someone else. It can be a single account, 2 accounts, 3, 10, you name it. Personally, for these days, I've always shared a single account (since I'm giving shout-outs daily during the whole month) -- but it's 100% up to you.

  9. Book Lover's Day
    Did you know that today is International Book Lover's Day? I know, me neither! Let's highlight some book action today folks. It could be an actual book (magic, or otherwise), or even a book-themed deck... oddly enough, I have a few of those.

  10. Card Castle Creations
    Build an impressive card castle or show us your card stacking skills. Can't stack cards? Perhaps you have a castle themed deck? =P

  11. #FanningFamFriday
    Nothing like a good #FanningFamFriday to set the mood! Or, if fans aren't your thing, make it a #FlourishFriday instead!

  12. Contrast
    Let's create striking visuals by contrasting different elements in our card photos or videos. Think contrasting colors, or light vs dark, or maybe even a simple color change trick.

  13. Left Handed
    Whoa, a holiday to celebrate all those who are Left Handed! Let's show off a left-handed deck (yeah, they exist), or a trick done with the left hand.

  14. Orange Deck
    It's Creamsicle day! Yeah, the U.S. has some odd holidays, but who's counting =P. To celebrate, let's show off our orange decks. And yes, OPC's Creamsicle deck counts too.

  15. Summer Vibes
    We're at peak-summer vibes here in the Northern hemisphere, let's embrace it and flaunt those decks that scream "Summer!"

  16. Card Collector's Paradise
    Share your card collection organization tips, or display your most treasured decks. Plural is key here (tomorrow will zoom-in on a single deck)!

  17. Deck Showcase
    Feature a prized deck from your collection and tell us the story behind it.

  18. #FanningFamFriday
    Nothing like a good #FanningFamFriday to set the mood! Or, if fans aren't your thing, make it a #FlourishFriday instead!

  19. Nostalgia
    Evoke feelings of nostalgia with a deck (or decks) that remind you of cherished memories. When I thought of this prompt, a deck immediately popped into my head so I knew I had to make this one on a Saturday (for "Saturday morning cartoons")!

  20. In Motion
    Capture the beauty of cards in motion. It can be cardistry, it can be an aerial, or even a simple card trick (or a harder one, like a good ol' Haunted Deck). My personal idea for this one is to take a still shot of a card moving, captured "in motion".

  21. Artistic
    Highlight the artistic side of playing cards, such as beautiful designs or more abstract card-themed artwork.

  22. Reflections
    This one will be a fun one -- we can go super simple and use a deck (or decks) that have cards that appear as a reflection of another (i.e., mirrored Jokers, or a court card that is "holding a mirror"), or we can go more literal and use reflections to create our photos or videos with any deck.

  23. Galactic Gathering
    There are a lot of space-themed decks out there, and I've found August to be a great star-gazing month (since it's hot and we're always outside late into the night). Let's journey to the stars together and show off our space-themed decks, or maybe a magic trick that's inspired by the cosmos.

  24. Back to Basics
    Share your love for standard Bicycle or Rider back decks, or the classic effects you perform with them.

  25. #FanningFamFriday
    Nothing like a good #FanningFamFriday to set the mood! Or, if fans aren't your thing, make it a #FlourishFriday instead!

  26. Dynamic Duos
    Showcase the dynamic synergy between two different decks. Don't have two decks? Feature two magicians instead!

  27. Vintage Vibes
    Celebrate the charm of vintage decks, whether the deck is vintage or simple vintage themed.

  28. Mail Call
    If you're like me, you accidentally let boxes pile up for a month or two before opening them -- so many that you've forgotten what's inside! Let's use this day to open some of them up for all to see!

  29. Tuesday Trickery
    A day devoted entirely to tricks! For photos, try to create an optical illusion with cards -- maybe a card that's just floating midair. For videos, well, perform a magic trick!

  30. Blue Deck
    Guess what, today (or tonight) has a Super Blue Moon! That means it's the second full moon in the same month (the 1st was on the 1st of August), and because of the position of the moon it'll appear "larger", hence it's called Super! To celebrate, let's see those blue decks folks =]

  31. Favorite Deck of August
    Let's end the month with a grand finale and feature our favorite deck from the month. Too many decks to choose from? Well, then go out with a bang and show off your collection, hot cardistry moves, or a killer card trick that says "goodbye, August."

If you have any questions about what the prompts mean, and there's always at least a few questions, please reach out and I'll be happy to provide more info. And remember, just have fun!

Happy August <3

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