Dai Vernon's More Inner Secrets of Card Magic

Dai Vernon's More Inner Secrets of Card Magic

The second book in Vernon's famous Inner Secrets of Card Magic series.

This short volume is action-packed with great routines, starting off with one of my favorite packet tricks Twisting the Aces. Sleight of hand is covered in a few different chapters, all of them if you include the chapters devoted directly to routines, but the coverage of magic with the riffle shuffle is pretty extensive. And we can't leave without mentioning The Trick that Cannot Be Explained -- it's one you'll have to read for yourself!

While we don't hear directly from Vernon within these pages, we very much do get a glimpse at the level of mastery he had in card magic.

And please do not forget -- remember, do not forget -- sleights and methods are merely the tools. What you do with them is up to you.
Dai Vernon - Inner Secrets of Card Magic

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Contents of Dai Vernon's More Inner Secrets of Card Magic

Chapter One - Twisting the Aces

Chapter Two - Think of a Card

  • Simple Arithmetic
  • Riffled Thought
  • Think of an Ace
  • Out of Sight - Out of Mind
  • Thought Transposed

Chapter Three - Oil and Water

Chapter Four - McDonald's $100 Routine

Chapter Five - The Notis Cascade

Chapter Six - Mainly Manipulation

  • Allen Shaw's Card Production
  • Cardini's Card Production
  • Mosquito Parade

Chapter Seven - Magic with the Riffle Shuffle

  • Basic Formation of a Step
  • The Pull Through Shuffle
  • The Pull Out Shuffle
  • Retaining the Top Stock
  • Zarrow Full Deck Control
  • Side Riffle Cut
  • Transferring a Bottom Stock to the Top
  • Reversal of Bottom Cards
  • To Keep the Colours Separated
  • To Bring Cards to the Top

Chapter Eight - Crimps

  • Top Card Crimp
  • Corner Crimp
  • Whole Pack Crimp
  • Cut Crimp
  • Spring Crimp
  • Mexican Joe's Crimp
  • Snap Crimp

Chapter Nine - Cards to Pocket

Chapter Ten - Forcing a Card

  • The Classic Force
  • The Malini Force
  • Riffle Force
  • Fan Force
  • Back to Back Force

Chapter Eleven - The Trick That Cannot be Explained

Chapter Twelve - Vernon Touches

  • The Vernon Glide
  • The Push-Off Count
  • The Buckle Count
This book is written by Lewis Ganson, featuring the work of Dai Vernon. Mine is a hardcover copy published in 1960 by The Supreme Magic Company, also printed in 1960 (1st edition) with a total of 88 pages. Photographs are by Lewis Ganson. There are no copyright or publication dates in the book, nor edition specification -- by my research, the first edition was printed in1960 with a red dust jacket and a second edition was printed in the 70s with a blue dust jacket.