Any Thought of Card to Pocket

Any Thought of Card to Pocket

The title of this trick kind of says it all, this is Any Thought of Card to Pocket and that's exactly what the trick is: the spectator thinks of a card and it appears in your pocket!

But wait, there's more!

Here's the exact description as it appears on the back of the sleeve, and below is my expanded explanation:

They count 10. They think of any one. It vanishes in their hand. Now they have 9 (truly). It appears in your pocket.
Back of Any Thought of Card to Pocket sleeve.

So, what exactly does this mean? A normal performance of the basic version of this trick is this:

You shuffle a deck of cards and then hand it to the spectator. They take 10 cards from the deck and, without you looking, they look at those 10 cards and remember one of them. With the 10 cards in their hand, you ask them to name their card out loud and as soon as they do, you tell them that the card has just disappeared from their hand. To prove this, you have them count the cards down to the table -- and sure enough, only 9 remain! Taking it a step further towards impossible, you show that their selected card is now in your pocket!

Personally, I'm not good at audience management when it comes to using gaffs. I have never successfully performed using them. However, the variations that use a marked deck or normal deck work extremely well for me. I haven't performed this one much yet, but I already recommend it!

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What Comes in an Order?

When you order this trick, you get a sleeve that has:

  • 1 link to tutorials
  • 1 double backer gaff card
  • 1 packet of gaff cards

My order also came with a sealed deck of Red Bicycle Rider Back playing cards. However, the product page doesn't say that this comes with it so I'm not 100% sure if it will always. Just noting it here for full details.

Why a deck of Red Bicycle Rider Back cards? Because the gaffs all have that back!


The link that's provided with the trick has 5 videos; rather, a single video that has 5 chapters (if you download it). There's a total running time of about 1 hour and 45 minutes, but 15 minutes of that is introduction, history, credits, outtakes, and the outro. The rest -- 1 hour and 30 minutes -- is tutorial!

There's a solid 28 minutes of teaching for the basic version of the trick. Specifically, how to do the trick using the gaff cards. Geraint and Christian present two very different performance styles and give so many different ideas and suggestions for how to handle this trick. Rather, how to handle the spectator since it all happens in their hands!

The other hour of tutorial video is variations. One is how to do this trick using a marked deck and not the gaff cards. The other is how to do it with a normal deck -- also without the gaff cards!

But wait, there's even more!

There's a bonus cards across routine that's taught that uses 2 different decks. It's not directly related to the Any Thought of Card to Pocket trick, but in a way it is (you'd have to see it to understand).

Trick Review

Want an in-depth look at the trick? Check out my full review on YouTube:

Where to buy?

You can pick-up Any Thought of Card to Pocket at Ellusionist. They have already sold-out once, but typically open up for pre-orders when that happens so you can still get one. At the current time, this trick costs $34.95.

Save 10% off your order by using code BABBITS10 at checkout!

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This is a card magic trick by Christian Grace and Geraint Clarke, produced by Ellusionist. The trick's instructions are available for streaming and as a download, a link to which is inside the sleeve.