Single Handed

Single Handed

This trick, when I saw the performance online, made me break my "I'm not going to buy a new magic trick for 3 months" hiatus. It looked too well-aligned with what I like to perform, I just had to have it. What's the trick about?

You place one empty hand behind your back, before the trick starts. They select a card (no force), sign it & genuinely shuffle the deck. You pull out a card, from the deck - and it's not theirs. Because their signed card is in the hand that's been behind your back the entire time.
Ellusionist - Single Handed

After ordering and watching the tutorials, before the gimmicked deck arrived in the mail, I was instantly satisfied with my purchase. Not only is the effect a killer, but it's actually pretty easy to perform! It's so easy, I'd say that it's almost self-working.

If you're interested, you can get Single Handed at Ellusionist. Save 10% off during checkout by using code BABBITS10

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What Comes in an Order?

There are two options when checking out, either just the method video, or the gimmicked deck + method video. At least, when I pre-ordered the trick those were the options. At the exact time of this writing, only the latter appears available.

Nowhere on Ellusionist does it mention what the gimmicked deck is, and that's on purpose. During the pre-order event, there was additional information available in the form of a FAQ. The short of it is, by revealing what type of deck is required for this trick, it makes it easier to reverse engineer how to perform it. Personally, I disagree that it made it easier; however, I'm actually glad I got the gimmicked deck anyways because I was in need of a new one (it's a readily available deck, and the one provided is Red Bicycle Rider Back).

Tutorials Available

After purchasing Single Handed, the following tutorials -- and performance videos -- are added to your Ellusionist account:

  • Introduction (1min)
  • The Method (4min)
  • The Basic Routine (9min)
  • The Basic Routine Studio Performance
  • TV Clean Routine (~5min)
  • TV Clean Street Performance
  • The NSFW Routine (9min)
  • The NSFW Routine Studio Performance
  • Deck Vanish Routine (8min)
  • IMPORTANT Tips (~13min)
  • Single Handed - (Full Performance)

Not including performance videos, that's roughly 50 minutes of tutorial for this trick!

Where to buy?

Last I checked, you should be able to pick up Single Handed at Ellusionist. The last price tag I saw for this trick was set at $29.95.

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This is a card magic trick by Geraint Clarke and Duane Williams, produced by ellusionist. The trick's instructions are available as a download that's automatically added to your account.