Love Letters

Love Letters

Love Letters is a monthly newsletter by "Andy Lastname", or The Jerx of

The first issue came out in June, 2022 and set the stage for what the newsletter was to be all about. One, or more, tricks -- more formulated than what's available on the accompanying website. A review or two, and feedback -- again, all more than what you would find on the site itself.

It's made available via a PDF attached to an email, much like a typical e-zine, and is sent to all of the supporters of The Jerx. It has a fancy cover and everything (a unique one for each issue), but the issues so far do not contain a table of contents or index. It's still new, there's always time for updates!

On that same note, since the newsletter is still new and finding it's grounding and doesn't have a defined itinerary, it's not possible to really outline more about it at this time. After a few more issues come out, I'll be able to give a better glimpse at what's included.

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The Jerx opens up for limited subscriptions annually each Spring. Keep up-to-date with the site and you'll catch the window.

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Love Letters is a monthly newsletter, published by The Jerx of It contains tricks, reviews(?), and opinions from The Jerx himself. Think of it as an extension of his blog, but better!