The Hermit

The Hermit

The Hermit is a magic magazine that launched in 2022 by Scott Baird.

Inspired by other famous magic magazines like Apocalypse, The Phoenix, The Sphinx, and others, The Hermit aims to provide a new contribution to the knowledge-base of magicians around the world.

While most magic magazines cater to magicians, The Hermit makes it quite clear that that is the intended audience:

The Hermit is a magic magazine, and the content is written with the magic-capable patron in mind. To get the most out of the magic routines and effects in the magazine, a fundamental working knowledge of sleight of hand techniques is recommended.

As a subscriber to Genii and an owner of a few other older magazines, the content so far is new but not at a knuckle-buster level... which is a good thing. I think that books and videos are more suited for things that will take you 100+ hours to finally be able to do and magazines are better for routines that even beginners could pick up. After some practice, of course.

At the time of this writing, the magazine's still new -- the third issue is coming out right now. But, what's expected to be inside a normal issue of The Hermit?

  • New magic routines, usually including full presentations (and always with accompanying credits)
  • Professional illustrations for every effect
  • Articles and essays on topics such as:
    • Art and Design (as they relate to magic)
    • Creative prompts and puzzles
    • Methods for keeping organized
    • Personal and profession development
    • ... and more!
  • Reviews of published magic books
  • Contests and calls for participation from the magic community

So far, so good -- I'm excited to watch The Hermit grow and reach it's full potential.

Where to buy?

The Hermit offers a 6-month and an annual subscription to the magazine. Check out their site for more details and for pricing info.

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The Hermit was founded in 2022 by Scott Baird. It's an independent magic magazine that respects the history of magic magazines and celebrates the legacy of those that came before it. It offers quality magic, creative prompts, and engaging essays. It's available digitally for anyone to easily subscribe to.