Meta playing cards, a company swag gift given to employees of Facebook Meta after the brand changed its name. This deck features a custom tuck design, custom card back, and the 54 standard faces that are offered by the company Playing Cards on Demand.

Based on the options provided by the promo company, Meta went with the Standard Faces and a Custom Box. The back design of the cards is borderless... noodles? Like foam noodles. The kind you'd use in a swimming pool. It also gives it a one-way design, though it's not a subtle one so it's pretty clear these weren't designed with magicians in mind.

Hand holding the Meta deck showing the back design.
Back design of the Meta playing cards.

The cards themselves are on premium casino quality linen without any type of fancy finish by the way they feel. An air-cushion finish would make these a really usable deck given their standard faces. Without it they're hard to even fan and after 15 minutes of play, they're still not broken in.

As a freebie gift, it wasn't a terrible idea. However, as a card enthusiast I think that they could have spent just a little more time and came up with a really killer design for this deck.

Hand showing the Ace of Spades between two Jokers.
The non-identical, non-custom Jokers sandwiching the non-custom Ace of Spades.

At the very least, Meta really should have gotten the Ace of Spades and Jokers customized too. They had to have spent a pretty penny printing so many decks, only to promote another company pretty heavily. Maybe next time they'll ask around first =]

The deck consists of 54 cards:

  • 52 playing cards
  • Two non-identical jokers

And in case you're wondering, at the time of this writing yes -- I am an employee of Meta.

This deck is created by Meta and designed by Meta. It's beautifully printed by Playing Cards on Demand on casino quality linen stock. The deck features two non-identical jokers. The tuck case has a matte design and is seal free! The tuck has a wrap-around print design such that three decks positioned together would show the full image.