AVTones 2049 Carbon Black

AVTones 2049 Carbon Black

AVTones 2049, Carbon Black -- a futuristic luxury deck with an innovative aesthetic and familiar feel, it's as real as it gets!

This deck was launched in April 2021 as a Kickstarter campaign and it was fully funded in 3 days! I have backed a few campaigns on Kickstarter and let me tell you, a goal of $30,000 for playing cards is huge. To get full funding on that is amazing but not only did AVTones get fully funded, by the time the campaign was over it was over 280% funded! Now that is just amazing.

I picked up my copy of this deck on the after-market (I missed the Kickstarter campaign) and the hype was worth it.

The tuck has a soft-touch matte finish and a vibrant orange dual-facing metallic ink. It's sealed with a label of authenticity that wraps from front to back over the top -- I just hope that opening mine doesn't make it less authentic =P. There's also a QR code on the box, who knows where you'll go when you scan it!

The back design of each card is stylishly futuristic as well and features a sweet metallic ink (not foil) similar to the tuck. There are two QR codes on each back too -- one is a normal QR that'll load a website, the other is a Spotify QR code that has a playlist attached!

The faces all feature custom pips that all look blown by wind (or digital glitches), and the Diamonds and Hearts have that sweet, sweet, metallic ink. The custom courts have a hint of the standard Bicycle courts, but they've been upgraded and given that extra, futuristic bump up. Oh, and matching jokers! How many decks have those these days?!

The deck consists of 56 cards:

  • 52 playing cards
  • Two non-identical jokers; one a joker, the other a thief
  • Two ad cards

Where to buy?

Last I checked, you should be able to pick up AVTones 2049 Carbon Black at Cardvolution. The last price tag I saw for this deck was set at $23.90.

Buy at Cardvolution

This deck is created by Cardvolution and designed by Adrian Valenzuela. It's beautifully printed by USPCC on Premium Crushed stock with an air cushion finish. The deck features custom court cards, custom pips on all cards, a double-backer, and two identical jokers. The tuck case has a matte design and is secured with a label of authenticity seal. The tuck features dual-facing metallic ink that brings a vibrant orange reflection that captures the light beautifully.