LIT: Effect

The effect starts with just a spark as a full pack of matches is shown to the spectator. The performer then ignites a match from the pack and makes it mysteriously disappear … only to instantly reappear in the pack of matches the spectator has been holding onto the entire time!

Segueing into what feels like another trick, the magician then has a playing card freely selected from a deck and, under impossible conditions, it vanishes. The spectator slowly opens the matchbook to find the matchbook itself has transformed into their selected card.


LIT includes a full deck of 52 gimmicks that are usable pretty much instantly. You can pre-setup the effect to have it more controlled, or be totally ad hoc and perform the exact trick with signed card handling too! It comes with a 50 minute streaming instructional video by co-creator Dan Hauss that teaches different handlings, and also how to perform the initial match vanish / reappearance.

I first saw this trick performed by Justin Willman on Magic for Humans, but it is also performed on David Blaine's international television special and by Dan White on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

This trick is, for all intents and purposes, lit!

Image Source: The header image for this is from theory11.

Where to buy?

After seeing this on Magic for Humans, and figuring out that this was the actual trick, I grabbed my own back in May 2020 for a cool $34.95. I scored +349 elite points in the process =P

Last I checked, you should be able to pick up LIT at Theory11. The last price tag I saw for this trick was set at $34.95.

Buy at Theory11

This is a card magic trick by Dan Hauss and Dan White, produced by theory11. The trick's instructions are available as a download that's automatically added to your account after purchase. The 52 gimmicks can be used many times, but once lost or destroyed must be replaced by repurchasing the entire trick.