Introducing, Tutorial Tuesday

I've got a short one for you today, just a quick introduction of Tutorial Tuesday -- a new thing I'm going to try to do over on my Instagram account (@gbabbits).

The idea is simple. On Tuesday, I will post a video tutorial to Instagram. Yup, that's about it.

"But wait, Geoff. Why Instagram? Why not YouTube? Or, here on this website?"

I'm glad you asked. The tutorials I plan to post there will be short-form and quick, typically using IG's Reels format. As of right now, the maximum time a Reel can be is 90 seconds, but I plan to have my tutorials under a minute -- hopefully 30 seconds or less, if possible.

I guess now's a good time as any to write out my goals for each tutorial too:

  • Short!
    • As mentioned above, aiming for 30 seconds or less (but not a hard rule)

  • No voice needed.
    • Not because I don't want to talk, but because I want it to be visual.

  • Non-magic.
    • "What?!" -- yeah, I'm thinking of just flourishes. Deck flips. One-handed cuts. LePaul Spreads. That kind of stuff.

I think that's about it really. A lot of comments I receive on regular magic videos are often about the flourishes themselves, and only other magicians comment about the actual sleights. They know the sleights though, so I guess my real audience is the community that wants to be entertained. I'll keep posting magic performances, and photography -- but Tuesdays I'll put up a nice little how-to video.

I was thinking that if it works out, i.e. people enjoy it, I'll carry the idea over here and will do a similar tutorial feature on the site -- except here, I'll teach magic and not flourishes. If you're interested in the idea, or have tutorial requests, I'm all ears =]

This past Tuesday was my first "tutorial", you can check it out here:

Also, I just added the ability to embed Instagram posts on the site! Yay, technology =P

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