Happy Holidays, and a Frixion Pen

Howdy y'all! Yeah, that's my "sick" voice talking -- I've been out with the flu for a few days (and ended up missing Monday's post because of it too).

I'm not going to write much today as I'm still not feeling well, and I'll be taking next Monday off too. I'll be back before the end of the year though =]

One thing I did want to chat about briefly was the Frixion pen though. Or, is it FriXion? Either way, this pen has been on my mind lately.

If you're not familiar with the Frixion pen and it's application in magic, it's fairly straightforward. These pens use ink that is sensitive to heat. They're just like normal gel pens and they work perfectly fine, however, when the paper is heated, the ink "disappears"! An easy magic trick to perform is to write a secret message (like a selected card's value such as "3♦️"") in a regular pen and then draw over top of it with the Frixion pen to make it look like "8♥️". Force the 3 of diamonds and show your prediction ... when it's "wrong" just use a lighter, or wave the paper over a lit candle, and magically it turns into the 3!

But yeah, that's the only kind of routine I really know of using the pen right now -- writing something and making a hidden message appear. I've been trying to think of other magical applications because I just know there's something cool that could be possible. I'll keep thinking on my side and will hopefully have something neat to share in the new year. If you know of any magic-related uses of a Frixion pen -- good or bad -- definitely let me know!

I hope that the holidays are pleasant on your side of the screen!

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