Neck-deep in Ken Krenzel Material

While there are plenty of magic books that offer a vast amount of tricks in a single volume, very few of them can also include the label "advanced" and have so many worker tricks. The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel, however, is one of the latter.

I've read this book before. It was one of the first magic books I dove into and just about everything in it was beyond my skill set at the time. Heck, a lot of it is pretty advanced for me right now too -- but putting a few years between reading sessions has paid off immensely!

I'm still parsing through it though. I'm in the 2nd-to-last chapter and I've been taking notes the whole way through. I actually thought that I would be able to go through it faster; however, now that I understand a lot more about card magic I find myself stopping for many of the tricks to try them out. Some of them are 100% "keepers" right away. Others actually took me a trial or two to realize how amazing the effect was. There's one trick in there that's just downright impossible.

This book is the only book I have that's specific to Krenzel. I know there are others, I just don't own them yet. I think I have a few books with an entry or two by him, but Card Classics, whelp, it's all Ken!

I started reading through it at the beginning of February, I'd say almost exactly a month ago. And I'm still not finished. Almost every night I'm at the table with it, that's how much I've liked it so far. Once I've finished, I plan to do a full review of it and to demo a trick or two, but more importantly I hope to be able to decide which of the routines in it are worth adding to my repertoire and which I should modify first =]

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