The Best Prime Day Deals for Magicians in 2023

Fellow magicians, it's time to step into the Amazon Prime Day plane and wrestle with our wallets. Wave your wands or snap your fingers and order some useful magic accessories!

Magic, or "magician's supplies", isn't a category that you'd expect to see pop up in a Prime Day sale. I've been keeping my eye out for pre-Prime Day sales and didn't come up with much, but today's the big day and wow are there some good deals on cards and card accessories! I'm posting this with the first batch of things I've come across, hopefully as an easy one-stop list for you, but I'll also try to update it throughout the day with anything else I see. If you find something magic related that isn't included here, please let me know!

When is Prime Day?

Prime Day is running from July 11-12. It'll be an interesting mix of deals across Amazon, and a lot -- I can't emphasize this enough -- of deals for just about anything!

To participate, you have to be an Amazon Prime member. I've personally been a member for well-over a decade now and wouldn't want it any other way. The fact that I get free same-day or one-day deliveries on a lot of my purchases is a no-brainer in cost savings, plus the epic deals from Prime Day and other deals? Heck yeah!

If you're not already a member, check it out and sign-up here:

Amazon Prime

Decks of Cards

Finding deals on decks of cards is a little like pulling teeth because you have to know what you're looking for. However, here are some good ones that I found:

Magic Accessories

I've used, or have instructions on how to use, all of the items outlined in this section. Some of these are self-explanatory, others might make you scratch your head -- but just know, they're useful in gimmick creation! If you want more info, reach out and we can chat =]

Unfortunately, at least at the current time, items like Rubber Cement, Double-Sided Tape, and Neodymium Magnets -- each needing to be a specific type or style, don't have any Prime Day deals going on. I'll keep an eye out though in case they're dropped later in the day!


This category doesn't fit directly into the above, but I think it's worth including nonetheless!

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