A New Angle

A New Angle

A New Angle is filled with magician foolers, hard-hitting practical effects for laymen, and off the wall new ideas to springboard your own ideas. Many of the effects are all three. That's because Ryan and Michael have dusted off a secret weapon that you probably already have buried in the back of your magic drawer: the Stripper Deck (or the Tapered Deck). 

By combining some subtleties, sleight of hand, and new ideas with this nearly forgotten tool that every magician already has, Ryan and Michael will show you how to unlock mind blowing effects you never thought possible.  This book contains more than twenty routines and concepts, with additional contributions by Harapan Ong, Edward Boswell, Nathan Colwell, Frank Fogg, and Brian O’Neill.

Where to buy?

Last I checked, you should be able to pick up A New Angle at Vanishing Inc. The last price tag I saw for this book was set at $50.00.

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Contents of A New Angle

The Basics

  • Sides and Ends
  • The Cut

How to Cut Cards


  • Collect Yourself | Ryan Plunkett
  • Shavings: Dual Thought | Ryan Plunkett
  • Shuffleupagus | Ryan Plunkett
  • Shuffleupagus Redux | Ryan Plunkett
  • Shavings: Pseudo Riffle Stacking | Nathan Colwell
  • Shavings: Out of This Spread | Frank Fogg
  • Shavings: A Satisfying Sequence | Ryan Plunkett
  • Stay Stack: An Introduction
  • Twin Peeks | Ryan Plunkett
  • The Nearly Final Countdown | Ryan Plunkett
  • Ode to Rusduck | Ryan Plunkett
  • Shavings: The Complete Faro Control | Michael Feldman
  • Color Shift | Edward Boswell
  • Shavings: Rotator Shifts | Nathan Colwell
  • Hofzinser's Suit Selection | Nathan Colwell
  • Shavings: Cutting High | Michael Feldman
  • Triumph: An Introduction
  • Trick Play | Brian O'Neill
  • The Hallucinogenic Shuffle | Ryan Plunkett
  • Flash Triumph | Ryan Plunkett
  • Shavings: A Tactile Location | Lance Pierce
  • The Law of Conservation of Bullsh*t | Michael Feldman
  • Shavings: The Incomplete Strip-Out | Harapan Ong


About the Authors

List of Contributors


This book is written by and featuring the work of Michael Feldman and Ryan Plunkett. Mine is a hardcover copy published in 2017 by Magic, Inc., first edition with a total of 166 pages. If you count the first few pages, it's technically 174 (but the printed number on the last page says 166 =P).

ISBN: 978-097-29263-31