Card Cavalcade

Card Cavalcade

Card Cavalcade, written and published by Jerry Mentzer. This book is the first of a five-volume collection of card magic routines from many great magicians.

This first volume dedicates a full chapter to Eddie Fechter and another to Tony Binarelli, and the other seven chapters are filled with routines by a slew of others like J.K. Hartman, Karl Fulves, Nick Trost, and more! With more than 25 contributors and coming in at 159 pages, this book is packed with fantastic material that was, mostly, unpublished previously.

As a personal note (from @gbabbits) - I actually purchased this book specifically for the chapter on Fechter. I bought it on eBay and when it arrived I flipped through it really quick - it looked good so I set it aside and left the appropriate eBay feedback. A few days later I picked it back through it to actually read it and that's when I noticed that pages 3 through 18 are missing from the book. Whatever page comes after the introduction, and then the first half of Chapter One are just... not there. Unfortunately for me, I had already left feedback saying it was good so I couldn't do anything about it -- but the rest of the book is actually pretty great so I'm not terribly upset. Just kind of.

Contents of Card Cavalcade

  • Introduction

Chapter One - Routines for the Card Expert

Chapter Two - Fechter

  • Small Number Faro Stack
  • Fan Positioning
  • Double Lift from Tabled Pack
  • A Fechter Force
  • Peek Reverse
  • Quick Reverse
  • Tabled Transfer
  • Swivel Cut Transfer
  • Control

Chapter Three - Gaffs

Chapter Four - Triumph

  • Ricardo's Triumph by Frank Pemper
  • Triumph Plus by Jim Lee
  • Variation - No Turn Triumph by Jerry Mentzer

Chapter Five - Aces

  • Picnick's Aces by Mac Picnick
  • Surprise Aces by Jim Surprise
  • Quick Nomad Aces by Jerry Mentzer

Chapter Six - Insights

  • Paddle Wheel Flourish by {%authorMike Rogers%}
  • Key Card Throwoff #1 by John Quine
  • Key Card Throwoff #2 by John Quine
  • Pad Spread by Dan Tong
  • Packet Switch by Jim Lee
  • Another Force by Syd Bergson
  • Not So Simple Force by J.K. Hartman
  • Double Undercut Variation by Jerry Mentzer
  • Lee's False Cut by Jim Lee

Chapter Seven - Binarelli

  • Abracadabra
  • Trick
  • Coloring
  • Crystal Ball
  • Change of Color
  • Three Cards and a Newspaper

Chapter Eight - Sandwiches

  • Spectator Sandwich by Dan Tong
  • Tilted Sandwich by Dan Tong
  • Black Jack Sandwich by Jerry Mentzer
  • Another Black Jack by Jerry Mentzer
  • Sandwich Spread by Jerry Mentzer
  • 3V Sandwich by Ian Baxter
  • Notes on a Daley Problem by Karl Fulves

Chapter Nine - Gambling Themes

  • Gambler's Goldmine by Kirk Stiles
  • High Card Poker Deal by Nick Trost
This book is written by Jerry Mentzer, featuring the work of various others. Mine is a hardcover copy published in 1972 by Jerry Mentzer, printed in 1977 (third printing of the first edition) with a total of 159 pages.