Dai Vernon's Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic

Dai Vernon's Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic

The third book in Vernon's famous Inner Secrets of Card Magic series.

This short volume has more of a gambling-theme than the others in the trilogy with routines around poker and Three Card Monte. A whole chapter on dealing seconds will leave you with plenty to practice, and we see a lot of coverage of palming notes -- specifically for the Gambler's Palm of course. There is ample content in this book unrelated to gambling and more suited to be called simply magic, so give it a read and I'm sure you'll find something to enjoy!

While we don't hear directly from Vernon within these pages, we very much do get a glimpse at the level of mastery he had in card magic.

And please do not forget -- remember, do not forget -- sleights and methods are merely the tools. What you do with them is up to you.
Dai Vernon - Inner Secrets of Card Magic

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Contents of Dai Vernon's Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic

Chapter One - The Four Blue Backed Aces

Chapter Two - Blindfold Poker Deal

Chapter Three - Cards of Coincidence

Chapter Four - Three Card Monte

Chapter Five - Larry Grey's "Cards Across"

Chapter Six - More Novel Knowledge

  • To Shuffle a Certain Number of Cards Above a Selected Card
  • Plunger Location
  • Card from Pocket
  • Switching a Card in an Envelope
  • Double Lift from Fan
  • Staring Him in the Face

Chapter Seven - Palming

  • Top Palm
  • To Palm a Card From the Pack With the Gambler's Palm
  • One Handed Palm
  • Second Gambler's Palm
  • Springing a Card into the Gambler's Palm Position
  • Some Useful Notes on Palming

Chapter Eight - Dealing Seconds

  • Dai Vernon's Second Deal
  • Single Handed Method
  • Dai Vernon's "New Theory" Second Deal
  • A Quick Trick

Chapter Nine - The Card Puzzle

Chapter Ten - Another Larry Grey Trick

Chapter Eleven - Changes

  • The Top Change
  • The Bottom Change
  • One-Handed Card Change
  • Harry Lorraine's Change for Four Cards

Chapter Twelve - Two Tricks

  • Dai Vernon's Version of "Everywhere and Somewhere"
  • Matching Any Number of Cards
This book is written by Lewis Ganson, featuring the work of Dai Vernon. Mine is a hardcover copy published in 1969 by The Supreme Magic Company, printed in 1978 (fourth edition) with a total of 72 pages. Photographs are by Lewis Ganson. The first edition of this book was published in 1969 by Harry Stanley, later reprinted by The Supreme Magic Company in 1971.