Hand Mucking

Hand Mucking

This spiral-bound booklet called Hand Mucking is just that -- a booklet that's completely dedicated to the art of switching cards in play. George Joseph sets the stage right away by going over the necessary palms to accomplish mucks, and better yet, he talks about how to switch from one palm to another!

Of all the gambling sleight of hand techniques the least understood or surely the least written about, is hand mucking.
George Joseph

I have to agree with this quote which kicks off the start of the book. Prior to Hand Mucking, I not only was unable to find a good resource on mucking... I wasn't able to find any resource on mucking! I'm sure something exists mentioned in some text somewhere that I've either missed or overlooked, but when I really wanted to get into the sleight, this was my go-to.

There are photographs throughout, showing the proper state your hands and the cards should be in. Beginning, middle, end phases and all decent angles too. However, the real heart of everything lies in the text. George Joseph is able to easily convey the handling of the cards for these difficult moves in easy-to-follow steps that are rather understandable ... albeit not as easy to perform.

I'm really, really glad he started off with explanations of the palms -- specifically, how to switch between them. I've practiced, on my own, going from classic palm to gambler's palm, and from Tenkai palm to gambler's, but having this resource finally in front of me has opened my eyes up to different methods that, based on the situation, are optimally better!

Where to buy?

There isn't a specific product page for this book, instead it's just in a list of other books by Joseph and a PayPal link.

Last I checked, you should be able to pick up Hand Mucking at Wordlwide Casino. The last price tag I saw for this book was set at $25.00.

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Contents of Hand Mucking

Author's Note

The Gambler's Palm

The Classic Palm

Switching Palms

  • Classic Palm to Gamblers' Palm
  • Classic Palm to Pinch Palm
  • Gamblers' Palm to Classic Palm
  • Gamblers' Palm to Pinch Palm
  • Pinch Palm to Classic Palm
  • Pinch Palm to Gamblers' Palm


  • One Card Hand to Hand
  • Two Card Hand to Hand
  • One Card Blackjack Muck
  • Two Card Muck
  • Mucking Demonstration
  • A Blackjack Muck
  • One Card Stud Poker
  • The Challenge Muck
  • One Card Peel-Off
  • One Card Pick Up
  • A Pair for Poker

George Joseph - Background Summary

This book is written by and featuring the work of George Joseph. Mine is a spiral bound copy published in 1982 by Worldwide Casino Consulting, printed in 2006 (2nd edition) with a total of 52 pages.