Hofzinser's Card Conjuring

Hofzinser's Card Conjuring

Johann N. Hofzinser was born at the beginning of the 19th century and lived in Vienna during a time called the 'Biedermeier'. This was a time where people enjoyed art and entertainment in drawing-room presentations and at little receptions in the houses and villas of the rich and famous. During his lifetime, Hofzinser entertained only very small and select gatherings in his Viennese salon; he never performed or even traveled outside his native Austria.

When he died his widow, at his own request, burned nearly all of his writings, leaving behind only an unsorted record of his genius. And yet, nearly 150 years after his death, magicians today are still noting the influence and inspiration Hofzinser's material has had on the magical world.

This book, Hofzinser's Card Conjuring, is the result of years of diligent research devoted to reconstructing all of the surviving card experiments of Hofzinser. It contains thirty-one of Hofzinser's incredibly original and often referenced card tricks plus an appendix that briefly describes an additional 18 "card experiments." Gathered from rare letters to friends, students, and admirers plus rediscovered instructions left behind by Hofzinser, this collection represents the only complete and accurate guide to the great conjurer's art.

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Contents of Hofzinser's Card Conjuring

  • Foreword to the Second Edition by S. H. Sharpe
  • Editor's Preface by S. H. Sharpe
  • Preface by Ottokar Fischer
  • Biography of J. N. Hofzinser
  • Guide to Performance

Experiments with Unprepared Cards

  • The Sympathetic Numbers
  • Synonymous Thoughts (First Method)
  • Association of Thoughts
  • The Four Eights

Experiments with Duplicate Unprepared Cards

  • Everywhere and Nowhere (First Method)
  • The Four Aces
  • The Metamorphosis of the Flying Card

Experiments with Double-Sided Cards

  • Sensation
  • Pre-Determination of Thought
  • Thought
  • The Power of Faith
  • The Four Kings

Experiments with Pre-arranged Packs

  • Domination of Thought (First Method)
  • Domination of Though (Second Method)

Experiments with Divided Cards

  • Remember and Forget (First Method)
  • Remember and Forget (Second Method)
  • Remember and Forget (Third Method)
  • Omnipotence of the Ladies
  • Deceive Your Neighbour as Yourself
  • The Married Hearts
  • The Married Hearts, the Loving Couple
  • The Queen of Hearts
  • The Mysterious Pack of Cards
  • Everywhere and Nowhere (Second Method)
  • Everywhere and Nowhere (Third Method)

Experiments with Differently Prepared Cards

  • Synonymous Thoughts (Second Method)
  • The Insoluble Impromptu
  • Lost, Stolen or Strayed - A King

Experiment with the application of Transparent Cards

  • The Ace of Hearts

Experiments with Mechanical Apparatus

  • The Flying Thought
  • The Three Powers


  • Card Problems
This book is written by and featuring the work of Johann N. Hofzinser. Mine is a paperback copy published in 1931 by Dover Publications, printed in 1986 (2nd edition) with a total of 188 pages. This Dover edition, first published in 1986, is an unabridged and unaltered republication of the 1973 second printing (Karl Fulves / The Gutenberg Press) of the work first published by George Johnson / The Magic Wand Office, London, in 1931.

ISBN: 0-486-25085-7