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Nathan Colwell's final project for 2021 -- Lorem Ipsum: Style Over Substance. Theatrical Magic is a wonderfully deep and broad medium. There's room for high-minded theorizing; lofty artistic goals; intricate, leviathan altars to opulent design; ascetic, self-flagellating routines which cut to the quick and strain the limits of deception… But sometimes you just want some tricks. It’s not that deep, this booklet just has some fun tricks and moves. Don’t make it weird.

Lorem Ipsum contains eleven previously unpublished items: seven card moves, two card tricks, a bill routine, and a routine with driver’s licenses. The difficulty ranges from completely self-working to stuff that will take some focused practice. This is solid material that has been refined in restaurant performances, magic sessions, walk-around gigs, and all kinds of performance environments for years. Some of the magic in this booklet is a regular and active part of Nathan’s working repertoire.

The material in this booklet is usable, albeit not quite original. If you've been around for a few years, there's a chance you already know the basis of most if not all of the routines here. What Lorem Ipsum brings to the table though is a fresh twist for each. Whether it's the setup, the overall handling, or how the routine is delivered, Colwell's material and references will definitely give you something to play with.

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Last I checked, you should be able to pick up Lorem Ipsum at Nathan Colwell's Shop. The last price tag I saw for this book was set at $25.00.

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Contents of Lorem Ipsum


  • Finish Line
  • Dav's Transpo
  • Feathers and Bricks
  • Picnic Under the Stars


  • Oyster Production
  • Tap Top Turnover
  • Convincing Curve
  • Three Count Experiments
  • Pullman Lift



This book is written by and featuring the work of Nathan Colwell. Mine is a staple-bound copy published in 2021 by Nathan Colwell, also printed in 2021 (third printing of the first edition) with a total of 40 pages.