Magic with Cards

Magic with Cards
Purchaser agrees not to disclose secrets contained within.

To describe the book the same way the authors + publishers meant it to be, the following is directly from the back cover:

This book is pure magic!

And, like magic, Magic with Cards can turn a novice into an expert card performer! Here are 113 easy-to-perform card tricks... miracle card tricks that many professional magicians don't know. In these pages are scores of card secrets that have been closely guarded for years. Most are surprising, some are unbelievable, all are fun!

The authors call these tricks "miracles," and, after you've mastered a few, you and your audiences will agree. The real miracle is how easy they are to perform. All a beginner needs is this book and an ordinary deck of cards. Garcia and Schindler are masters at turning amateurs into professionals. The illustrated routines in Magic with Cards are fully described and include performing patter.

Read Magic with Cards. Learn what to say, what to do and how to do it. Then go out and teach the world to believe in magic!

Contents of Magic with Cards

  • Foreword (Frank Garcia, George Schindler)
  • Playing Cards - A Brief History
  • The Key Card
  • Spelling Tricks
  • Aces
  • Poker Tricks
  • The Force
  • Reds and Blacks
  • Mentalism
  • The Pre-Arranged Deck
  • Pre-Arranged Cards (The Stack)
  • One-Way Cards
  • Mathematical and Self-Working Card Tricks
  • Gags, Bets, and Stunts
  • Card Miracles
  • Card Handling
  • Performing Your Magic
  • Bibliography
  • Index of Tricks
This book is written by Frank Garcia and George Schindler, featuring the work of various others. It includes illustrations by Ed Tricomi. Mine is a paperback copy published in 1975 by David McKay Co with a total of 178 pages.

ISBN: 0-8098-3921-0