Marvels of Mystery

Marvels of Mystery

Marvels of Mystery by John Booth contains 25 masterpieces of magic, exactly as they were performed by the author on stages around the world. New tricks (for the era), close-up tricks, tricks you may have still today never seen before, club tricks, impromptu effects, a magic table, and much more.

It is said that this book is one of the true classics of magical literature and has been widely considered to be among the most important magic books published in the 20th Century. It has even been enthusiastically endorsed by some of the biggest names in the business such as Paul Rosini, Ted Annemann, Sid Lorraine, John Mulholland, and hundreds of others.

While dated by today's standards, the contents herein are eye opening and thought provoking.

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Contents of Marvels of Mystery

Chapter One - Opening Smartly.

  • A Cannon Ball Opening!
  • Gentleman's Gloves to Milady's Bouquet
  • The Cups and Balls With Baby Chicks

Chapter Two - Preliminary Trickery.

  • Mind Controlling Matter
  • Can You Tie It?
  • Ne Plus Ultra Cards to Pocket
  • A Stage Hydrostatic Glass Illusion
  • Catching Goldfish in Mid-Air

Chapter Three - Patter Pets.

  • The Incredible Glass Penetration
  • The Coin in the Bottle
  • An Amazing Slate Prediction

Chapter Four - For Intimate Workers.

  • It's Extra Sensory Perception!
  • Thought Projection of Geometrical Designs
  • An Infallible Quick and Dead Test
  • Three Card Revelation

Chapter Five - Feature Mysteries.

  • Mickey Mouse Magic
  • Fingers That Tell All!
  • Booth's Bewitching Board
  • Modern Chinese Linking Rings

Chapter Six - Closing Masterpieces.

  • East Indian Needle Swallowing Mystery
  • The Man Who Swallows Razor Blades
  • The Great Smoking Clay Pipes
  • A Brazilian Phantasy
  • Booth's Miracle Production
  • A Reliable Lightning Bird Cage Vanish

Chapter Seven - For the Card Expert.

  • "Lay Your Cards on the Table!"


  • Magic Tables and Routines
This book is written by and featuring the work of John Booth. Mine is a hardcover copy published in 1941 by Kanter's Magic Shop, printed in 1944 (second edition) with a total of 146 pages. There are additional advertising pages at the end of the book, plus a handful of blank pages for any notes you may wish to make.