Heartbeat is a beautiful sensory-type of magic trick, created by Juan Colás and produced by Ellusionist. It takes place literally at your fingertips as you connect with your spectator and have them feel your heartbeat, channeled through a pencil.

It may read odd on paper, but this effect is quite astounding. While performing Heartbeat, you're able to build up suspense and captivate your spectator to create an intimate moment, one that they will not soon forget.

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What Comes in an Order?

When you order this trick, will receive three physical items that come in a tin case (that has a nice sleeve on it):

  • 1 special pencil
  • 1 tin of powder
  • 1 nail file

Yup, that's the list of physical goods. The pencil itself is used for performing Heartbeat. The other two items are to help with your hands and keeping the pencil in good shape.

These props are easy to obtain on their own, but the real heart of your order is the video tutorial that you receive.


There's a single tutorial that comes with your order, and it runs about 30 minutes long. You also receive a couple of performance videos too.

You can tell that Juan is passionate about this trick, and rightfully so. The Heartbeat effect, in my opinion, requires passion -- it's not a simple cheap trick to do and move on. As he explains it himself, this is an experience that should be performed in the right moment, not just to show off a trick.

Trick Review

Want an in-depth look at the trick? Check out my full review on YouTube:

Where to buy?

You can pick-up Heartbeat at Ellusionist. They have already sold-out once -- twice-over -- but last time I checked they were restocked.

Save 10% off your order by using code BABBITS10 at checkout!

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This is a sensory magic trick by Juan Colás, produced by ellusionist. The trick's instructions are available as a download that's automatically added to your account.