Forks Full of Appetizers

Forks Full of Appetizers

Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic, the original close-up magic convention held annually by Eddie Fechter and Obie O'Brien*. The often referred to as 4F Convention, or Obie's 4F, has had many magicians attend over the years and this book contains a contributions from 73 of them.

In 1982, an book named Fork Full of Appetizers was published that contained original creations from many attendees of the convention. Then, in 1984, a second book appeared with many more. Both books have been out of print for many years. This book is a combination and reprint of both of them!

The book contains 98 close-up routines that cover close-up magic with cards, coins, and other small objects. Judging by the list of magicians that contributed to this work, the routines are bound to be entertaining. The official product description states that the material inside is suitable for hobby magicians and professional workers and everything in between. Personally, having not fully read the book (at this time!), I cannot attest to this statement -- that, and I'm a hobby magician so I would be biased to say that something's for (or not for) a worker.

There are many more card magic routines in the book than others, which I'm happy with. There are a decent number of coin routines too though, enough to dip your toes in -- but skimming through them, they look a little more skill-oriented than I'm used to with coins so I may need to practice more than others.

I'm excited to have this book on my shelf, not only because of the number of magicians that contributed and variety of routines contained within, but because of the history of the 4F Convention and the honor that I associate with the group in general.

Where to buy?

Last I checked, you should be able to pick up Forks Full of Appetizers at Vanishing Inc. The last price tag I saw for this book was set at $34.95.

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Foreword by Meir Yedid

Fork Full of Appetizers Book 1

Introduction by Obie O'Brien



Miscellaneous Close-Up Magic

Fork Full of Appetizers Book 2

Preface by Mike Hilburger


More Cards


Miscellaneous Close-Up

4F Guests of Honor

* Fechter passed in 1979 and O'Brien in 2021, but as for now the convention will still go on.

This book is written by Meir Yedid, featuring the work of various others. It includes illustrations by Tom Gagnon. Mine is a softcover copy published in 2022 by Meir Yedid Magic, also printed in 2022 (first edition) with a total of 232 pages.

ISBN: 978-1-7335972-2-7