A Study on Lennart Green

A Study on Lennart Green

Discover the captivating world of card magic with A Study on Lennart Green by Takumi Takahashi.

This comprehensive video delves into decades of Lennart Green's unique creations, presenting an encyclopedic exploration of his innovative techniques. Shin Lim first unveiled Takumi's remarkable skills in an Instagram video back in October 2016, where he flawlessly demonstrated Lennart's Snap ("Laser") deal. Since then, Takumi has become a master in his own right, honing his craft under the guidance of the legendary Lennart Green.

Presented by Shin Lim Presents, this video offers a treasure trove of tutorials, featuring essential sleights, shuffles, and color changes directly from Lennart Green's repertoire. Takumi, adding his own expert touches, ensures that you can effortlessly overcome any obstacles in learning new magic. With 14 separate tutorials, including the Snap Deal, Cards to Coins, Snap Bottom Deal, Snap Color Change, The Top Shot, and more, this video is a must-have resource for magicians of all levels.

Immerse yourself in the secrets that have never been shared before with Takumi's take on Lennart's extensive knowledge on lapping, dealing, and the pace of a routine is finally made accessible. The download is packed with invaluable content, providing a comprehensive toolkit for any magician eager to elevate their performance. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to enhance your card magic skills.

Where to buy?

Always a fan of Lennart Green, this was one of my first video downloads back in 2019. I grabbed my copy from E for $39.95, and honestly it's worth way more.

Last I checked, you should be able to pick up A Study on Lennart Green at Ellusionist. The last price tag I saw for this video was set at $39.95.

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Chapters of A Study on Lennart Green

  • Introduction
  • The Snap Deal
  • Snap Deal - Hand Size
  • Snap Deal Transfer
  • Laser Deal Performance
  • Cards to Coins
  • Snap Bottom Deal
  • Snap Deal Portal
  • Snap Deal Change
  • Snap Deal King Swap
  • Snap Deal Ace to Kings
  • Top Shot
  • Green Shot
  • Windmill Routine
  • Side Steal
  • Drop Steal
  • Snap Deal Control
  • The Reappearing Card
  • False Shuffle
  • False Kalushes Cut
  • Explosion Cut
  • False Six Pile Table Cut
  • Final Thoughts

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This is a video featuring magic presented by Takumi Takahashi and was produced by Shin Lim Presents. Available as a download, it has a running time of 1 hr 32 min. This video also includes a cameo tutorial by Shin Lim.