B.C. Shuffle

B.C. Shuffle

The B. C. Shuffle is brought to us by Lost Art Magic and is Jeremy Griffith's debut release! A little about Griffith:

Known by many as @lost_angelus on Instagram, Jeremy Griffith is one of the most knowledgeable card men around. With his background in mathematics, Jeremy has an unparalleled understanding of different card mechanics. He is a real "expert at the card table".

Lost Art Magic

Unlike a riffle shuffle or faro shuffle which are normally only used by magicians and card handlers, the Overhand Shuffle is commonly used or seen by most people in general. It's noted as being one of the most recognized shuffles in the Western world. Griffith's BC Shuffle is a genuine overhand shuffle that allows you to have complete control over the deck via "bread crumbs" (get it... B. C.)!

The BC Shuffle enables you to control a few cards, a group of cards, or even the entire deck while the shuffle looks the exact same as a standard overhand shuffle. This is an incredible addition to the arsenal of any card men, sleight of hand artists, and gambling experts!

Coming in with over an hour of content, Griffith goes through all of the variations of the BC Shuffle with extreme detail. The possibilities of utility are endless and Griffith shows a slice of the action with in-depth applications and routines that leverage this shuffle. So grab a notebook and a deck and get ready to shuffle!

Contents of B. C. Shuffle

  • Introduction
  • History
  • Getting Briefs
  • Controlling Briefs
  • So Far So Good
  • Multiple Briefs
  • Multiple Briefs Pt. 2
  • Multiple Briefs Pt. 3
  • Multiple Briefs Pt. 4
  • Credits

In the above list of contents, the term Brief originates from the gambling world opposed to the magic world where we would more often call it a Side Jog. A Brief is a small outcropping of cards that can be used as a control. These Briefs are effectively the "bread crumbs" used throughout the BC Shuffle.

Image Source: The thumbnail image for this is from Lost Art Magic.

This is a video featuring magic presented by Jeremy Griffith and was produced by Lost Art Magic. Available to stream, it has a running time of 1 hour and 5 minutes.