Monday Mail Call #7

It's Monday and you know what that means... Monday Mail Call!

Each Monday (give or take), I use this feature to highlight a few of the things that have made their way in over the past week or so. Packages, purchases, and emails -- oh my!

Kicking off the week, the Gilded Dystopia deck by Joker and the Thief! Or, rather, the full name is Dystopia: Interceptor Gilded Special Edition Playing Cards according to the product page =P. I don't normally buy gilded decks because they're not super useable for magic routines, typically because they handle like crap. Also, they're way more expensive than a normal deck (even than a custom deck). Dystopia's price tag was no different, it was one of the most expensive decks I've ever bought but when I saw it it just called to me.

I ordered this, and the regular Dystopia deck, back in November and they just recently arrived. I forget the cause of the delay, I think it was the gilded version or something but I'm too lazy to go look it back up. I really, really like the gilded version though. The actual back design and faces are the same as the regular deck, but the golden edges are just so nice. And the tuck is a mono-chromatic version of the regular. It just gives off a certain vibe that I can't describe, but it's good!

Next up, the latest release from Organic Playing Cards (@organic_playing_cards), the Snackers Raspberry Flavor deck! This is the newest fruit-themed deck in a now-lengthy run of fruity decks. While not my first deck from OPC, it's my first one with this type of packaging. They've really done great carrying the theme of each deck beyond just the cards themselves.

Also, the arrival of this deck also brings with it my 6th "passport stamp" which means I get to claim an Exotic deck! Luckily enough, I also just won a giveaway by OPC on Instagram and will be receiving an Exotic v2 deck for free too! It's my lucky month (^_^)

Rounding out this week's deliveries, the Trash & Burn Blu deck by Howlin' Jacks Playing Cards. I saw this deck on Instagram a month or two ago (maybe longer) and it was part of a giveaway. I can't recall who's account it was on, but it introduced me to the brand so I went to check them out. They have a handful of decks on their site ( and they all look so fun. This deck is one of the best shades of blue I've seen on a deck, and the faces are just amazing. Complete custom pips and courts, and the duplicate card that comes with it is great. I'll take a duplicate card over a blank-faced card any day!

If you haven't been able to tell, I received a few decks this week =P. It's a love-hate type of week when I get multiple decks in. On one hand, hey, a lot of new decks! On the other, I don't have time to play with each of them so they just start piling up. I wonder if that is a signal that I should stop buying so many decks...

Stay tuned for the next iteration of Monday Mail Call, there's a lot more to come!

Oh also, if you'd like to offer suggestions for books, tricks, decks or if you have questions about magic (performing, routines, sleights, etc.), just reach out here.

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