Dystopia: Interceptor Gilded Special Edition

Dystopia: Interceptor Gilded Special Edition

The special limited edition, Gilded Dystopia Playing Cards, by Joker and the Thief. Or, the Dystopia: Interceptor Gilded Special Edition Playing Cards as their website says =P

It was made available for purchase back in November, 2021 and finally made it to my doorstep in March, 2022 due to unforeseen delays. It was well worth the wait because this deck is legit.

The regular Dystopia deck is part of J&T's Luxury Collection, aimed to set the standard for what their brand represents. This one though, it's in a league above. Every J&T deck is a mini masterpiece of artwork, so intricately detailed in every way. Dystopia though, it's designed with an actual dedicated theme in mind. It's a disturbed tribute to George Miller, an Australian filmmaker, and his apocalyptic film Mad Max: Fury Road.

There are a lot of similarities between the gilded edition and the regular, as is expected. However, the tuck is where we do see the first difference. While the design is the same, a cracked skull adorning the center of what can only be a dystopian magician's steering wheel, the color scheme is monochromatic foiling opposed to the gold and red of the other. Cracking open that sweet perforated seal, we're greeted with beautiful foiling inside as well. The inside bottom of the case miraculously gleams as well, but the message is anything but welcoming.

The deck's back design, and face design, is the same as the regular Dystopia deck so to not repeat everything here, feel free to check out all of the details on that deck's page (here: Dystopia).

The price-point on this deck is high. Very high. Yes, it's limited edition and gilded (aren't all gilded decks limited edition?), but I really don't think it's worth the price. Not that it's not nice, it's just at a buck per card for a deck that I can't just "use" during magic routines... I have buyer's regret a little bit. If I were a collector, heck yeah I'd love this one in my collection. But, I'm not. 

The deck consists of 56 cards:

  • 52 playing cards
  • Two non-identical jokers (one Joker, one Thief)
  • Two ad cards
Welcome to the wasteland.

The story of the Joker and the Thief descends into a world of fire and rage. Will you survive the apocalypse?

Ad card's text in the Dystopia deck.

Where to buy?

Last I checked, you should be able to pick up Dystopia: Interceptor Gilded Special Edition at Joker and the Thief. The last price tag I saw for this deck was set at $52.00.

Buy at Joker and the Thief

This deck is created by Joker and the Thief and designed by Pedro Oyarbide. It's beautifully printed by USPCC on premier standard stock with a linen glide finish. The deck features custom court cards, custom pips on all cards, and two non-identical jokers. The tuck case has an embossed, foil-stamped design, is secured with a perforated seal, and features printing on the inside!