Magician's Magic

Magician's Magic

Magician's Magic, by Paul Curry, is not just a book to learn a routine or two. It's not a book filled with card tricks and sleight of hand, though there are a couple of tricks with a deck of cards, but there are also platform tricks and other close-up routines that involve a variety of tools.

But even then, the majority of the book is not tricks and methods. It's history. It's stories. It's secrets behind the collection of these magical marvels. Including the famous Out of This World routine by Paul Curry himself!

We find information on Houdini and Cardini within these pages, we find out how to saw a woman in half and perform different levitation stunts, and even how to make gaff cards. Magician's Magic provides us with the history of magic from a person who was there, and best yet it's an easy read! Each chapter is self-contained and the illustrations are really well done. This is a book written about magicians, for magicians, by a magician!

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Last I checked, you should be able to pick up Magician's Magic at Vanishing Inc. The last price tag I saw for this book was set at $16.95.

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Contents of Magician's Magic

Introduction by Martin Gardner

By Way of Background

The Old, Old Tricks

The Magician's Image

Houdini - and After

The New Conjurers

What Became of Gravity?

  • Robert-Houdin's Levitation
  • Maskelyne's Levitation
  • A Pencil, a Ring, and Gravity

Into Thin Air

  • The Sphinx
  • Where Do the Ducks Go?
  • The Joker Knows

Out of Nowhere

  • The Vampire
  • Production of a Bowl of Water
  • Sawing a Lady in Half
  • The Cut and Restored String

Ties That Do Not Bind

  • Walking Through a Wall
  • String Around the Fingers
  • On and Off

The Power of Thought

  • Thoughts from Afar

Of Things to Come

  • Three Cards in the Future

The Quick and the Dead

  • A Simple Spirit Seance

The Mind Reels

  • Out of This World
  • The Case of the Missing Hat



This book is written by and featuring the work of Paul Curry. It includes illustrations by Julio Granda. Mine is a hardcover copy published in 1965 by Dover Publications, printed in 2003 (first dover edition edition) with a total of 269 pages.

ISBN: 0-486-43176-2