Scarne on Card Tricks

Scarne on Card Tricks

Scarne on Card Tricks, by John Scarne, is a treasure trove of card magic. This book, while it may appear small compared to some of the other modern books, is actually jam-packed with 155 card tricks!

These tricks come in full detail from start to finish, and most of them are from other well known professional magicians too. The list of performers include Harry Houdini, Dai Vernon, Harry Lorayne, Martin Gardner, Dr. Jacob Daly, Cardini, Bob Hummer, and many, many more!

What makes this book even more interesting is the fact that each trick presented requires no sleight of hand dexterity. They are all, more or less, self-working tricks. John Scarne, an authority on gambling and card tricks, modified and tweaked each and every routine so that the practitioner can perform it without needing to have a word-class Classic Pass, without worrying about Double Lifts splitting, without needing to hold breaks and palming cards and all of the other sleights that need countless hours of practice. Though, practice is still necessary, the effects presented here are tricks to keep in your repertoire and to add into any solid set.

Contents of Scarne on Card Tricks


A New Era in Card Tricks


Calling the Cards  
Aces from the Pocket  
The Upside-Down Deck Francis Carlyle
Traveling Aces Charlie Nagle
Dunninger's Mental Card Trick Joseph Dunninger
Behind the Back Card Trick Carmine Laino
Scarne's Predicto  
The Four Royal Flushes  
Egg a la Card Paul Clive
The Turn Around Cards  
It's a Natural Martin Gardner, Bill Simon, and Al Altman
The Talking Card Al Altman
You Do as I Do  
You Do as I Do (Using one pack of cards) Al Baker and Dr. Ben Braude
Heath's Master Speller Royal Heath
Cardini's Mind Reading Card Trick Cardini
Sensitive Fingertips Bob Hummer
Separating Red and Black Cards  
Sympathetic Aces  
The Four Packs  
The Wizard Steffi Storm
The Dean's Poker Deal  
The Memory Test Charles Jordon
Spectator's Magic Count  
Topsy-Turvy Deck Bob Hummer
Finding a Selected Card  
Thought Control Howard Wurst
Magic in Your Own Hands Cliff Green
Mathematical Finder  
The Weigle Aces Oscar Weigle
The Mathematical Card Trick Dr. Jacob Daly
Nomenclature Joseph Dunninger
Hands-Off Miracle Joseph Barnett
The Photographic Match Russell Swan
Perplexity George Delaney
The Initials Will Tell Cardini, Dai Vernon, Nate Leipzig, Francis Carlyle, and Martin Gardner
Double Duty  
The Love Birds  
Hit the Deck  
The Betting Card Trick  
The Card That Tells Jack Spalding
Mind Control Max Holden
The Whispering Card Landson Butler
The Stubborn Card Bob Hummer
Color Scheme Oscar Weigle
Magic Numbers Clayton Rawson
The Acrobatic Card Larry Klunck
Flighty Aces Lu-Brent
Braude's Mental Card Trick Dr. Ben Braude
The Magic Number Trick Jack Miller
Instanto Cliff Green
Switcheroo Walter Gibson
Quadruple Coincidence George Starke
The New Deal Poker Hand Dr. Al Berndt and Peter Musto
Houdini's Double-Talk Card Trick Harry Houdini, Herman the Great, Dr. Jacob Daly, and Sam Horowitz
Locatrix Ted Anneman
Double Prediction Bill Simon
Card Couting Extraordinary Bob Dunn
Double Surprise Bill Simon
The Stapled Card Joseph Prieto
Allerchrist Card Trick Bert Allerton and Henry Christ
The Triple Deal Card Trick H. C. Cleveland, Carlton King, Sid Margulies, and Ira Zweifack
The Spelling Bee John McArdle, Jack Chanin, John Weiss, and Al Flosso
Double Revelation Herb Rungie, George Pearce, and Ande Furlong
Walsh's Long Distance Card Trick Audley Walsh
Scarne's Drunken Poker Deal  
Perfect Prediction Chester Morris
The Puzzler Bob Short
Selected Card Vanishes into Pocket Johnny Albenice
Jame's Miracle Stewart James
The Obedient Cards Nat Bernstein and Morty Zuckert
The Traveling Card Jack Miller
Personification Oscar Weigle
My Lucky Card Bill Simon
The Poker-Face Card Trick Frank Garcia and George Schindler
Winning Poker Louis Zingone
Scarne's Follow the Leader Dr. Alan Barnett
The Great Poker Demonstration Harry Lorayne, Clayton Rawson, and Norman Jenson
Up and Down Dai Vernon
The Magic Four-Spot Paul Morris and P. C. Sorcar
Garcia' Card Location Frank Garcia
Breath Control Larry Arcuri, Bill Pawson, Howard Wurst, Ken Krenzel, and Frank. J. Kelly
Vernon's Three-Card Assembly Dai Vernon and Carmen Da Mico
Scarne's Twenty-Two Stop Trick  
Jack Goes to Town Nick Navarino
Lyle's Four of a Kind Art Lyle
Cardini's Color Discernment Cardini
Miraskill Stewart James
Lorayne's Mind Reading Card Trick Harry Lorayne
The Quickie Card Trick Milton Berle
Scarne's Birds of a Feather  
Five Nine King Martin Gardner
The Eight Ace Routine Otis Maning, Phil Sevush, Charles W. Nyquist, and Jack McMillen
Scarne's Lie Speller Martin Gardner
Scarne's Tappit  
The Piano Card Trick Nate Leipzig, Dai Vernon, John Mulholland, and Francis Carlyle
Cross Suits Martin Gardner, Johnny Albenice, and Bert Feinson
The Card on the Wall Johnny Paul, Howard Thurston, and Richard Du Bois
Variation on Card on the Wall Melbourne Christopher
Scarne's Red and Black Speller Dell O'Dell
Scarne, Please Help Me Joseph Linman
Carlyle's Migrating Decks Francis Carlyle
Buckle Up Le Paul, Zingone, Ed Marlo, Jimmy Herpick, and Al Cohn
Double Empathy Bill Nord and Sol Stone
Scarne's Six-Way Baffler  
Variation on Six-Way Baffler George Kaplan
Dice Will Tell Howard Thurston and Oscar Weigle
Affinity in Numbers Harry Houdini, Nate Leipzig, and Harry M. Levine
Gardner's Sympathetic Cards Martin Gardner
The Last Two Cards Harry Houdini and Stewart Judah
Three-in-One Card Trick Warren Wiersbe
The Drunk Plays Bridge Howard P. Albright and "General" U. F. Grant
Scarne's Phone Miracle  
Scarne's Knockout Card Trick  
The Stopper Mind Reading Trick Charles W. Nyquist and Edward Dart
Cardology - or, A Card Trick without Cards Blackstone
Card on the Ceiling Harry Houdini, Howard Thurston, Blackstone, Max Malini, Mikola, and Carl Rosini
Variation on Card on the Ceiling Frank Garcia, Clayton Rawson, and Paul Fleming
Leipzig's Pocket Card Trick Nate Leipzig
Thurston's Card Mystery Howard Thurston
Scarne's Miracle Card-Finder Trick  
The Spirit Card Trick Audley Walsh and Jerry Lukins
Double Location John J. Crimmins Jr.
Ribbon Spread Chet Miller and Rusduck the Magician
The Odd Will Bruce Elliot
The Uninvited Joker George Karger
The Impossible Location Martin Gardner
The Complementary Cards Nate Leipzig
Behind My Back Bert Feinson
Si Stebbins' Master Memory Test Si Stebbins
Si Stebbins' Master Tricks Si Stebbins
The Mishap Poker Deal George Schindler and Bob Condon
The Twenty-One Card Spelling Trick Martin Sunshine
The Future Deck Jack Vosburgh
Leipzig's Symphathetic Cards Nate Leipzig
Thought Ablaze Charle Roe
Add Lib Oscar Weigle
Seeing Through the Deck Dr. Ed Costello and Bill Simon
General Arnold's Master Speller  
The Psychic Number Seven Louis Tannen
On the Square Eddie Joseph
Scarne's Sympathetic Card Trick  
The Second-Guess Card Trick Paul Rosini and W. F. (Rufus) Steele
The Atomic Location Audley Walsh and Al Baker
Scarne's Power of Thought  
The Card Through a Handkerchief Harlan Tarbell and Jimmy Gripo
The Card in the Wallet Bill Pawson and Howard Wurst
The Card Clock Bill Pawson and Howard Wurst
Automic Pencil Writing Frank Garcia
The Four Deuces Franke Garcia and Dr. Jaks
Wild Bill Hickock's Hand Henry Christ
Einstein and the Magician Warner Perry and Edward Dart
Scarne's Color Control  

Where to buy?

Last I checked, you should be able to pick up Scarne on Card Tricks at Vanishing Inc. The last price tag I saw for this book was set at $11.36.

Buy at Vanishing Inc.

This book is written by John Scarne, featuring the work of various others. Mine is a paperback copy published in 1950 by Dover Publications, printed in 2003 with a total of 308 pages.

ISBN: 978-0-486-42735-5