Seven Thoughts

Seven Thoughts

Seven Thoughts by Sungwon Kim is not only his first English booklet, but also my first introduction into his material.

This short, 27 page softcover booklet contains 7 items in total. Some of them are sleights, some are routines utilizing the sleights. Each is very visual and, let's be honest, difficult to perform.

When I first saw his performance of the Stream Move on Instagram, advertising the book, I thought that the trick might be too much of a flourish to fit my style. After a little more pondering, I realized that it's actually right up my alley -- it's different. It's unique. It's smooth and yet unnatural. It's perfect!

Can I perform Stream Move? Not at all. I can make one-handed fans all day long, but wow if that "oh, just do this move" isn't one of the hardest things ever.

If you're interested in some really good visual magic, give this book a look!

Contents of Seven Thoughts

  • Preface
  • Spread Cull Double Turnover
  • Swing Cut Aces
  • Four Cards
  • Stream Move
  • Leaf Boat
  • Sungwon Control
  • Broken Canvas
This book is written by and featuring the work of Sungwon Kim. Mine is a softcover booklet copy published in 2018 with a total of 27 pages.