The Neat Review - Issue Four

The Neat Review, Issue Four takes us all over the world. The previous issues focused on magic from a specific city each, but here we visit the likes of London, Los Angeles, Raleigh, Berlin, Paris, Toronto, Beijing, and the North Wessex Downs.

This issue has a great line-up of magicians, all jam-packed in a very well designed journal that aims to show that magic and art are both one in the same.

As you can see from the Contents below, we start off with Helder Guimarães in Los Angeles where we get a peek into the Geffen Playhouse, where he hosts his virtual shows. Jumping clear across the country to North Carolina we meet up with Dennis Kim and begin with four cards. Brill.

Fancy a flight? If so, after hanging with Kim we take a journey to Paris to get an overview of how to understand magic and performance art by Pierric, a 2015 FISM winner! Immediately back across the pond to Toronto with Shawn Desouza-Coelho to get a sneak peek at an aesthetic-based book that happens to be not much larger than a deck of playing cards. The book's to-be-released during Magic LIVE 2022 too.

To get you thinking a little more, we then dive into mentalism a bit with Will Houstoun in Berlin. It fits the theme of this issue really well too because you'll be able to perform this routine everywhere and, curiously, nowhere.

Speaking of nowhere, or, disappearing acts rather, we fly from Berlin to Beijing to learn why Liu Bolin is disappearing all over the globe. What an interesting topic, if I do say so myself!

Guy Hollingworth makes an appearance in London and shares an unpublished (until now) full-length card routine and showcases his nearly finished sequel to Drawing Room Deceptions. Ready for a mentalism feat? I predict that the sequel will sell out it's first copy very quickly!

Last but not least, Issue Four parks in North Wessex Downs (in England) to hang out with Robert Gill. He muses a bit on the topic of "What is Magic?" and if you're curious how it leaves off, well, you'll want to grab a copy and find out!

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Last I checked, you should be able to pick up The Neat Review - Issue Four at Neat Review. The last price tag I saw for this book was set at $35.00.

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Contents of The Neat Review - Issue Four

  • Editor's Note
  • Helder Guimarães
  • Dennis Kim
  • Pierric
  • Shawn Desouza-Coelho
  • Will Houstoun
  • Liu Bolin
  • Guy Hollingworth
  • Robert Gill
This book features the work of various others. It includes illustrations by Kez Dearmer. Mine is a softcover copy published in 2022 by Ultra Neat with a total of 176 pages. The book, and website, list the ISBN as 978-1-8380597-1-2; however, I cannot seem to find it listed anywhere for verification.

ISBN: 978-1-8380597-1-2