The Ultimate Card Magic Course

In July 2020, Alex Pandrea launched a 5 Week Card Magic Course that he fully planned, filmed, and released himself. The course was such a success that he re-released it the following year in the same format.

Starting in January 2022, it has been re-released on Teachable under the name of The Ultimate Card Magic Course. And it is just that, an ultimate card magic course!

With material that will last you for well more than 5 weeks, Pandrea will take you on a journey from terminology and how to hold a deck through basic sleights, color changes, advanced sleights, theory, full routines, and more! With more than 80 videos to watch, there are over 100 sleights and effects taught within this 50+ hours of magic training.

This video course will take you from beginner to master, teaching you everything I learned over the past 20 years in sleight of hand, performance, and the theory of magic that will make YOU a powerful and unforgettable magician.
Alex Pandrea

The curriculum of the course, found below, is identical to the week-by-week course as it was provided to me when I participated. This list of lessons is still identical to the course that you can subscribe to too, so as far as I'm aware all information I have on this course is still relevant.

Where to buy?

I joined the first class in July 2020, direct downloads (via Vimeo) and Discord chats with Pandrea. With a discount code for being one of the first to sign up the entire course ran $177.30.

Last I checked, you should be able to pick up The Ultimate Card Magic Course at Teachable. The last price tag I saw for this video was set at $197.00.

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Curriculum of The Ultimate Card Magic Course

Week 1 - The Basics of Card Magic

  • Welcome To My Course
  • What is Magic?
  • Deck Terminology
  • Formula of a Card Trick
  • Spreads, Shuffles, Flourishes
  • Breaks, Jogs, Crimps
  • Basic Card Controls
  • Retaining and Repositioning
  • False Cuts
  • False Shuffles
  • Secret Card Peeks
  • Card Forces
  • Palming Techniques
  • Double Lifts & Turnovers
  • Color Changes
  • Final Thoughts

Week 2 - Pandrea's BEST Card Sleights

  • Best Sleights Introduction
  • When learning Sleight of Hand...
  • Turnover pass - T.O.P. Control
  • Convincing Control(s)
  • The "Move"
  • Spread & Find Technique
  • Top Change & Switches
  • Second Deal 3.0
  • Diagonal Palm Shift / Pass
  • Reverse Paintbrush Technique
  • Palm to Palm Transfer
  • One Card Turnovers
  • How to Duplicate a Signature
  • TEN of Alex's Most Useless Sleights
  • Final Thoughts

Week 3 - Hard Hitting Card Effects

  • Introduction
  • Pieces vs The Whole, A Process
  • Can You Guess the Card?
  • Jokers Are Wild
  • Elimin-Ace
  • Same Effect, Different Structure - A Theory
  • Say Stop
  • Spread & Switch
  • Spectator Performs
  • Ambitious Card Routine
  • Ambitions 2.0
  • Red Hot - Effect & Concept
  • Mystery Card Effect
  • Four Ace Production (Version 1)
  • Four Ace Production (Version 2)
  • Four Ace Production (Version 3)
  • Scarne's Aces
  • Cavorting Aces, Diagonal Aces
  • Aces, A Transposition
  • Triumph, Basic
  • Triumph 2.0
  • Fidgeting Card
  • Final Thoughts

Week 4 - Pandrea's Magic Theory

  • Introduction
  • Evolution Through Experience
  • How to be a Good Showman
  • Character Building 101
  • How to Build the Atmosphere
  • Inception Theory
  • Mind Reading - A Minimal Effect
  • Forcing - Next Level Presentation
  • What's Missing - A Believable Presentation
  • Spectator Does the Mind Reading
  • Assigning Information - A Thought
  • The Double Lift Theory
  • Building Theory into Routines
  • The Reason I Do This...
  • The Stories We Tell

Week 4.5 - Down the Rabbit Hole

  • Paradox's, Coincidence & Interesting Things
  • Science, Knowledge & the Universe
  • Psychological Tricks & Tips for your Persona
  • Building your Performance with Confidence
  • MAGIC: Unique Performances & Inspirations

Week 5 - Routines

  • Step by Step
  • Time and Place
  • Elements of a Powerful Effect
  • How to Create a Story
  • Structure of a Performance
  • ... and Now Name a Number
  • Predictions through Chaos
  • The Blue Danube Waltz
  • 2001 OOTW
  • One Twenty Eight
  • The Beginning

Bonus Week - Never Be Forgotten

  • The Magic Course - ENCORE

Image Source: The header and thumbnail images for this are from Teachable.

This is a video featuring magic presented by Alex Pandrea. Available to stream, it has a running time of 6 weeks. There are more than 80 videos included that span 50+ hours and covers over 100 card sleights and effects.