The Brick Pass

The Brick Pass is Alex Pandrea‚Äôs refined interpretation of the classic pass, one of the most highly regarded utility moves in the world of close-up magic. In this instant video download, Alex spends over 30 minutes teaching the subtleties and nuances that will make your pass silent, invisible, and flawless. Filmed in high-definition, you’ll learn every detail of technique, finger placement, and hand motion to bring your pass to the next level.

Where to buy?

Last I checked, you should be able to pick up The Brick Pass at The Blue Crown. The last price tag I saw for this video was set at $9.95.

Buy at The Blue Crown

Contents of The Brick Pass

  • Introduction
  • Avoid Mistakes
  • Overview
  • Obtaining the Break
  • Finger Positions
  • Bottom Packet Grip
  • Adjusting Pinky
  • Wrist Technique
  • Ways of Covering
  • Extra Tips
  • Putting it All Together
  • Control vs. Color Change
  • Final Thoughts

Image Source: The thumbnail and header images for this video are from The Blue Crown.

This is a video featuring magic presented by Alex Pandrea and was produced by The Blue Crown. Available as a download, it has a running time of 31 min 15 sec.