Xavior's Rise

Xavior's Rise

Xavior's Rise by Xavior Spade, an modified and improved version of Ray Kosby's Raise Rise.

This is not an easy to do or self working routine. This is something that will take time to learn and even longer to do comfortably.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

Heavily utilizing the power of the pinky, Xavior Spade takes you through from start to finish for everything you need to accomplish this routine. If you put in the time, you will have achieved a routine that will inspire wonder every time you perform it.

Contents of Xavior's Rise

  • Xavior Spade - Introduction
  • History
  • Pinky Count
  • Vernon Pushoff
  • Basic Turnover
  • Altman Trap
  • Stuart Gordon Double Lift
  • Putting it Together
  • Getting Injogs
  • The Tilt
  • The Ambitious Riser
  • Rising Multiple Cards
  • Rising Multiple Cards Pt. 2
  • F/X Production by Franco Pascali and Xavior Spade
  • Short Wave Transpo
  • Xavior's Ambitious Steal
  • Raise Rise (Semi-Original)
  • Xavior's Rise
  • Final Thoughts

The "Final Thoughts" is not an official labeled chapter in this video. However, the video does have a clear separation between the teaching of Xavior's Rise and then Xavior giving a final farewell to the viewers so I've self-captioned it.

Image Source: The thumbnail image for this video is from Lost Art Magic.

This is a video featuring magic presented by Xavior Spade and was produced by Lost Art Magic. Available to stream, it has a running time of 1:14:05.