Art of Play's 2022 Mystery Deck List

It's that time of the year again, time for Art of Play's Mystery Deck drop!

If you're not familiar with the "mystery deck" concept, it's fairly straightforward. The company, in this case Art of Play, will wrap every deck, from an assortment of decks, in a wrapping or container that conceals what the deck is. Then, when you place an order, they'll send them your way. Some companies will even pre-mix the mystery decks so that even they don't know what deck you're getting. Art of Play does state that they pre-mix the decks. The caveat is that the possibility of duplicates exists.

Each year, Art of Play puts on what is, in my opinion, the best mystery deck offering. For $12 plus shipping*, you get a deck from a large assortment. The list of decks available is different each year. They also change the wrapper every year too -- and it has always been a really luxurious one at that.

This year, 2022, their wrapper is going to be a new design that unfolds into a vintage-inspired game board, sealed with a stamp. But, what about the decks themselves?!

Mystery Deck List

This year's assortment is a random mix of 25 decks, 12 of which are exclusive to the Mystery Deck lot (i.e., they can't be purchased directly and are specifically made for this list, they're out-of-print, or they're early releases).

The decks in bold above are the exclusive decks!

* over $150 is free shipping, so if you buy a brick (12) of decks it's $144... instead of paying another $15 or $20 in shipping, just order 13 decks and you end up saving a few bucks (and get an extra deck)!

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